Home-Based Business Opportunities

This page talks about the opportunities for running a home based business in Porirua.

Unreal Films operators working in their home-based studio.
Unreal Films operators working in their home-based studio.

Working from home can be a reality

Working from home is a dream that can easily become reality in Porirua.  In 2011 there were approximately 2,127 home based businesses in the city, up by 25 per cent from 2005.

These businesses operate in pockets across the city with 61 per cent of them based in Whitby, Mana-Camborne, Paremata, Postgate, Plimmerton and Pukerua Bay.

A relatively high proportion of home-based businesses are in the professional, scientific and technical services, information media and telecommunications, rental, hiring and real estate industries.

The majority of home-based businesses are well established, have been operating from a home base for over three years and choose to operate their business from home for lifestyle reasons.

Porirua City Council recognises the importance of home-based businesses as an incubator of new business, an administration and communications base for trade related services, and a lifestyle option for professional services.

Home-based business mapping research and survey results

In 2011 research was undertaken by Council to identify the number, type, scale and location of home-based businesses in Porirua City.

The aim of the research was to better understand the number of home-based businesses; location of home-based businesses by suburb; broadband usage by suburb; tele-working practices by suburb; and characteristics of Internet-connected businesses by suburb.

For detailed information on the results, check out the home-based business mapping research and survey results  below.

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