Community Funding

This page provides information about community funding provided by Porirua City Council, and other funding information.

The Community Outcomes Fund allocations for 2014/2015 have now been made by the Council.  All applicants will be notified of the Council's decision by 12 September 2014.

Community Outcomes Fund 2015/2016

The 2015/2016 Fund will be open for applications on 1 May 2015.

Who Do We Fund?

We will give funding priority to a not-for-profit local organisation that

  • provides a unique strategic, community development and/or social service or activity to the Porirua community and
  • provides a free or significantly subsidised service to the people of Porirua; and
  • has limited sources of funding to sustain that service.

Organisations should be legally constituted or have a legally constituted umbrella organisation.

Porirua-based organisations, which serve a wider geographical area than Porirua, and organisations based outside of Porirua, must both demonstrate that they provide a priority service to the people of Porirua before they will be considered for a grant. 

Who Don't We Fund?

We don't fund::

  • Organisations that receive significant funding from central government, such as hospitals and schools. NB: This may also include not-for-profit community organisations that receive the majority of their income through government service contracts. 
  • Organisations needing considerable capital investment.
  • Organisations providing programmes that are substantially subsidised by the participants.
  • Individuals.
  • Organisations funded by regular membership subscriptions providing services for just those members. Groups like this however, may be eligible for a grant for projects that will be delivered to the people of Porirua outside of their membership, if they also meets the Fund's criteria and priorities as set out above.
  • Organisations that intend to redistribute funds to other recipients.

What Will We Fund?

Priority will be given to funding salaries/wages and overhead costs such as rent, power etc. Other expenses and specific project costs will be considered if they meet the Fund’s criteria.

What Won’t We Fund?

We won’t fund:

  • Uniforms
  • Equipment
  • Food or catering costs
  • Accommodation for visitors
  • Council fees for consents and licences
  • Legal fees
  • Services or projects with a primary focus on recreational or sporting activities
  • Purchasing or altering land, or building maintenance
  • Repaying or refinancing debt
  • Vehicles or overseas travel
  • Medical expenses, operations or treatments, either here or overseas
  • Capital investment or trust funds
  • Retrospective costs

How Much Will We Fund?

  • There is no limit on specific grant amounts; it is only restricted by the total funding pool available for the year. This is determined by Council and in 2014/2015 the Fund has a contestable pool of $80,000. Note: In past years the average grant amount was between $5,000 and $10,000.
  • The Community Grants Sub-committee has delegated authority to disburse the funds up to $30,000 per grant. Any grant over this amount has to be referred to Council for a final decision.

How Do We Fund?


  • Grants will be allocated in one funding round per year. 
  • The Fund will be advertised no less than four weeks prior to the closing date for applications.



The Community Development Fund has been discontinued and is no long available for applications

The Council has decided to discontinue the Community Development Fund in its current format. It will be replaced by the Porirua Neighbourhood Matching Fund, which is aimed at local neighbourhoods and streets. The criteria, application and allocation processes for this new fund are still been worked out but once finalised will be announced in the Kapi Mana News.

Fundview Database and Breakout Database

Porirua City Council subscribes to the Funding Information Service for the 'Fundview' and 'Breakout' computer databases.

Fundview is a national database that identifies funding sources such as government, philanthropic, local government and service sector funding for community organisations.

Breakout is a national database that identifies scholarships, awards and grants for individuals.

The information is updated regularly, is free and available online at the following locations: Porirua Central Library, phone (04) 237 1533; Citizens Advice Bureau, Phone (04) 237-8846; Whitford Brown Trust, phone (04) 236-8944.

Membership to the Porirua Library provides access to both funding databases from home. Please contact the Library on (04) 237 1533 if you are unsure how to access them.