Community Outcomes

This section describes Porirua City's Community Outcomes which were developed in consultation with local people and community groups. It has a brief description of each Outcome, with links to supporting agencies and organisations and Porirua's Social Wellbeing Statement and Assessment Process.

Community Outcomes are for Everyone

"Community Outcomes" are about what communities' feel is important to them. In Porirua they help us to express what is important or special about the city now and in the future - like good health, a place to live, a sense of pride and safety, a clean environment and a good income.

In 2008 a series of public workshops were held and nine city wide community outcomes (and five underlying principles) were agreed to and are illustrated in the Community Outcomes Wheel below. No organisation has sole responsibility for these community uutcomes - rather they are about, and for everyone that lives, works, plays, shops, learns and visits Porirua.

Recent amendments to the Local Government Act 2002 have repealed Sections 91 and 92.  These changes mean it is no longer mandatory to develop high level outcomes with the community or report back against progress in achieving city wide outcomes.  However Porirua City Council will continue its monitoring and overview role with regard to the existing nine outcomes as outlined in our Community Outcomes Action Plan.

View our Community Outcomes Action Plan 2009-15 (1.1MB pdf)

Monitoring of social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing is also undertaken at a regional level via the Wellington Region Genuine Progess Index (WR - GPI). 

Porirua Social Wellbeing Statement and Assessment Process

While all agencies, groups and individuals have a role to play in achieving Porirua Community Outcomes, Council has specific responsibilities that are a function of local government and which influence social wellbeing in the City.  In May 2012 Council approved a Social Wellbeing Statement (2012-15) (25KB pdf)and a Social Wellbeing Assessment Framework (244KB pdf).  The Statement is a high level position statement that articulates the main ways Council will promote social wellbeing over the next three years; namely through advocacy, monitoring, civic leadership and community development.The Statement gives priority to children and young people. The Social Wellbeing Assessment Framework is a guide for Council in its decision-making when approached by external agencies to become involved in a new social wellbeing activity.  The Assessment Framework is a working document and will change over time.

A more detailed description of Council's role in social wellbeing is described in the supporting document - Social Wellbeing Report 2012 (628KB pdf).

Community Outcomes Wheel

Click on each of the coloured pieces below to go to the web page describing each Outcome and Councils contribution towards achieving it.


Click for Well-Connected & On the Move Click for Multicultural & Creative Click for Multicultural & Creative
Click for A Valued Natural Environment Click for Strong Families & People, Young & Old
Click for Sustainably Designed & Built Click for Active & Healthy
Click for A Safe City Click for Prosperous Click for Learning for Life

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