Community Outcome - Porirua is A Safe City

This page describes the Community Outcome - Porirua is a Safe City.

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Porirua is a safe city - "A safe place to live, work, shop, learn, play and visit."

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We are working collaboratively to be safe and prepared for emergencies. We work together to reduce and prevent accidents and injuries.  People feel safe living and working in Porirua, in the city, our neighbourhoods and on our roads.  Crime is reduced and our Community Safety Strategy is fully implemented.  Households are prepared for emergencies; communities are able to look after each other and civil defence plans are ready for activation.

Council works in many different ways to help keep Porirua safe.  It provides support to the Porirua Healthy Safer City Trust to coordinate crime prevention and community safety activities in the city.  The Safer Porirua Group (of which Council is a member) has oversight of the Porirua City Safety Strategy. There is also Police participation at the Porirua Strategic Coordination Group, a forum hosted and chaired by Council, where government departments provide updates on local activities.  For example, in November 2011 the Police provided information on the establishment of a Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) in Cannons Creek. 

Other Examples of ways Council assists in keeping Porirua safe include: provision of sound infrastructure (waste management, roading etc), litter and graffiti removal (improving perceptions of safety), good urban design, regulatory services (building, liquor, parking etc), road safety education and emergency preparedness.

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There are many projects and activities that contribute to making Porirua a safe city.  Four examples are:

(1) Porirua: Safe As! Community Safety Strategy

"Porirua: Safe As!" is an interagency city safety strategy.  It shows that we are working together effectively to make Porirua a safer place. The four priority areas are injury prevention, crime prevention, road safety and emergency management.  The strategy aims to reduce the number of people who are victims of crime or injury by targeting interventions in those places where offending or accidents are likely to occur. 

Partners include Housing NZ Corporation, NZ Police, Regional Public Health, Accident Compensation Corporation, Porirua City Council, Porirua Healthy Safer City Trust, Porirua Chamber of Commerce, Water Safety NZ and Capital and Coast District Health Board. 

A comprehensive Porirua: Safe As! application was submitted to the World Health Organisation (WHO) for safe city status.  Our application was approved in 2008 and Porirua has achieved safe city accreditation.  We will need to reapply for accreditation in 2013.

Porirua City Council has updated the Porirua: Safe As! Community Safety Strategy for 2010-2019.

(2) Porirua Healthy Safer City Trust

Porirua Healthy Safer City Trust works with others in the area of community safety and is one of the key partners in the "Porirua: Safer As!" strategy.  Activities of the Trust range from research (e.g. local community safety surveys and street audits), community network meetings, support for violence prevention activities and activities to minimise alcohol and drug related harm.

The Trust provides an important role as umbrella group for a number of community organisations whose work contributes to making Porirua safer or healthier. Examples include the Porirua Community Guardians (volunteer street patrollers) and the Waitangirua Action Group (graffiti elimination).

 (3) Porirua Courts and Community Project

In early 2009 Porirua District Court Judges Jan Kelly and John Walker initiated some changes to improve the way the court operates in the Porirua community.  Through face to face visits with local community agencies, community meetings and an Open Day, they are building a local community justice network that can better respond to the social issues that cause people to offend.  Inspired by community justice centres overseas the Porirua Court and Community Project uses a problem solving approach to dealing with offending.
Key principles include:
- Improving community understanding of the Court and court processes.
- Community participation.
- Co-location of services.
- Consistency of Judges.
- Making justice (sentencing) relevant to the community

For more information on community justice centres that have been successfully developed overseas:

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Many organisations, sectors, groups and forums contribute to making Porirua a safe city.  Some of the lead agencies are:

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Many strategies, surveys, programmes, charters and agreements contribute to making Porirua a safe city.  Examples of local, regional and national documents of relevance include:


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