Community Outcome: Porirua is Learning for Life

This page describes the Community Outcome: Porirua is Learning for Life.

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Porirua is learning for life - "Diverse life-long learning opportunities supported by quality educational facilities and programmes."

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We strive to ensure learning opportunities are available to people of all ages across a range of quality local and regional educational facilities.  We value the many different forms of learning. Learning for life spans informal parenting groups and night classes through to those at tertiary institutions. We acknowledge and celebrate success in learning.

Council is interested in the educational opportunities and achievements of Porirua residents because of its association with good jobs, higher incomes, better health outcomes and general prosperity for local people. While the provision of education is predominantly the responsibility of central government a number of Council activities complement the aspiration for life-long learning.  Council helps in a variety of ways including: the provision of quality low cost library services, learning opportunities (road safety promotion, swimming and fitness classes), providing venues such as community halls which are used for education purposes (such as preschools) and supporting learning initiatives such as Digital Porirua.

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There are many projects and activties that contribute to the learning for life outcome in Porirua.  Two examples are:

1) Shine - Porirua Education Initiative

Education is the key to improving employment prospects, raising productivity and building strong families and communities. It takes all the villages to raise a child. Everyone has an interest in helping our young people develop their potential. That's why leaders from many groups across Porirua are working together on the same shared goals:

  • to support young people to do well in their learning
  • to set them up to be successful citizens.

The Shine Education Initiative is a long-term project to weave together all of the energy and resources that can help children and young people. A summit was held in mid-June 2013 and was widely supported by a range of community leaders. Five themes were identified at the summit for further development. These themes are:

  • collaborating communities 
  • full participation in learning right from the start
  • responsive infrastructure
  • successful transitions
  • awesome progress and results

You can find further information about Shine, its purpose and activities, here. Shine is also on facebook

2) Porirua Career Network 

The Porirua Career Network is a small group of employers, educators, community groups and government agencies who are working together to improve the career prospects of Porirua residents.  The vision of the Network is to work together to make Porirua a great place to live, work and learn.  Five ideas in development to support this vision are:

  • labour market information portal
  • directory of local businesses
  • work and training mentoring programmes
  • career advice at no cost to local residents
  • building the Porirua Career Capable Network

This is a CareersNZ initiative to help make Porirua a Carrer Capable Community (CCC).  A CCC enables:

  • people to make smart chocies as they move between education, training and employment
  • people to develop the right skills for the right job
  • better staffing and education outcomes for businesses and their staff.

For further information contact Cassius Kuresa (Community Engagement Facilitator - CareersNZ)

  Heading image: Who else helps with this outcome?

Many organisations, sectors, groups and forums contribute to improving the learning for life outcome in Porirua.  These include all early childhood education centres, primary schools and secondary schools in Porirua and the Wellington region.  Additionally:

Heading image: What else helps with this outcome?

Some of the strategies, policies and programmes that contribute to life long learning in Porirua include:


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