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This page describes on-going Village Planning work in Ranui. This programme is a partnership between Porirua City Council and the community of Ranui to develop and improve the village. To learn more about the Village Planning Programme visit the home page.

Latest news - Sign welcomes all to Ranui (March 2015)

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Latest news

The sign says it all - Welcome to Ranui and its lovely new main street.

The sign has gone in as part of a long-running project to upgrade the mainstreet and shopping centre at the heart of Ranui Village. The work has involved improving the area for pedestrians and traffic to make the area more attractive and safer.

The project has included a major upgrade to the footpath through the shopping centre to feature a river-scape theme symbolising a river connecting the village to the harbour, the construction of a roundabout at Martin Street intersection and a new pedestrian crossing (pictured below) on Mungavin Avenue to replace the one adjacent to Martin Street.

The work was requested by the community of Ranui to improve their mainstreet and he Ranui Residents Association has worked closely with the Village Planning Programme and Council’s roading team to design the upgrade.

Ranui shopping centre - parking.

The photograph above shows the new parking areas created during the Ranui mainstreet upgrade.

The Ranui Residents Association are thrilled with the results and below is an extract of a letter they sent to the local newspaper.

The Ranui Residents Association would like to thank the PCC Village Planning team on the improvements made to the Ranui Village centre. This shopping centre was formally known as Porirua East shops but with a formal change of suburb name by the NZ geographic board in 2011 to Ranui (due to Porirua East also referring to other parts of Eastern Porirua) the shops are now becoming known as the Ranui Village centre. Our Village Centre had had no improvement work done on it for as long as most of us can remember (and for some of us that’s a long time) and it had a number of frustrating traffic and parking issues which have steadily got worse as traffic volumes had increased dramatically over the years. Through the Village Planning programme, Ranui Residents Association have been working with the council to make improvements in the Village centre for around 4 years. Last financial year was our big year when work on new and more orderly parking spaces, widening of the footpath, and much needed traffic and pedestrian safety improvements were put in place. We also planted a roadside community orchard where several longstanding members of our community donated a fruit tree.

The roading work was slowed by weather and a number of other factors but the end result has been a vast improvement in the usefulness and enjoyment of our village centre and safer road crossing opportunities for families using the park, netball courts and hall. During the whole upgrade process it has been pleasing to see new businesses come and fill up the once empty shops in the village centre – (now we need to make use of them to make sure they stay with us). We’ve found that community consultation and liaising with council takes longer than expected but getting an end result like this, which is a huge improvement over what was before, has made the effort feel really worthwhile. There is still more work to do as we look to do some arty stuff on the footpaths, create some outdoor café barriers and make a landscaping plan of the hall and park side of the village centre – so plenty of scope for people to come and join us. We are a voluntary group that meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 6.30pm at the Mckillop St RSA and would love to have more of our community involved. The best part of being involved is that you get to have a say in how our community is improved – we are sure that there are lots of ideas out there!

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Ranui's roadside orchard

This photograph shows a view of the Ranui community orchard.

An urban orchard has been created on Mungavin Ave in a community project lead by the Ranui Residents Association.

Several longstanding members of the Ranui community donated a fruit tree for the orchard which has taken shape on the grassy bank below Porirua School.

Below is a view of the sign that is due to go up at the orchard during July 2014.

This image shows a view of the sign at the Ranui community orchard that gives background about the project.

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Stunning Ranui sculpture revealed

This photograph shows the Ranui mosaic sculpture.

Youngster helps uncover community artwork

The wrappings have come off a mosaic art sculpture at the entranceway to Ranui and eastern Porirua.

Ranui youngster Jewelle Mao (7) helped reveal the 6m tall sculpture, on the Mungavin Ave/Champion St roundabout, during an early morning ceremony in September 2013.

During the ceremony the sculpture was blessed and named by Porirua Kaumatua Taku Parai as “Te Ra Nui”, which means “The great day”.

“It went wonderfully,” says Ranui Resident Association co-chair Rosie Gallagher of the early morning ceremony. “I don’t know if many people knew what to expect and the birds were definitely a surprise; how well they turn and move. They appear to fly just above Colonial Knob as you look down on them.”

Sculpture the culmination of time and effort

For many at the ceremony it was the culmination of years of work; from the first request to improve the entranceway into Ranui to Saturday’s ceremony.

Along the way Ranui residents worked with community artist Kerry Scott to first design and then painstakingly build the mosaic artwork in a room off Mungavin Hall.

The sculpture reflects the Ranui environment; the trees and wildlife, and is topped by a flock of terns that will rotate in the wind.

The development of the community art work has been supported by a grant from the Mana Community Grants Foundation and Porirua’s Village Planning Programme.

Special thanks go to the Ranui community, for their concept proposal and helping out through the construction phase, Kerry Scott, the artist and constructer of the art column, Askew Contracting for their dedication and skills in preparation and installation of the piece and Metalmorphic, for the engineering design of the pole carrier and the rotating bird sculpture.

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Noticeboard for Ranui Village Centre

A community noticeboard was installed (2012) outside Mungavin Hall, as requested by the Ranui community.

It will be a space for the Ranui Residents Association and residents to share information for the community.

Below is a photograph of the newly installed community noticeboard.

This image shows the Ranui community noticeboard in place.

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Ranui's Twighlight festival - February 2012

Children take part in a sack race during the Ranui Twilight Festival.

Children take part in a sack race during the Ranui Twilight Festival.

Community celebrate Ranui.

The Ranui Twilight Festival was a magical afternoon, says key organiser Lepeti Tea of the Ranui Residents Association.

"The weather was perfect. The community spirit was high, and all I could see was happy smiling people enjoying the buzz."

It is estimated that around 800 people took part in the festival, which was held at Mungavin Park in February 2012.

The crowds were able to enjoy games of tennis, touch rugby and rugby league, as well as fun events, such as egg and spoon races, sack races and a quiz about Ranui.

Entertainers performed on a stage, there was a bouncy castle for the smaller children and families ate their dinner in the park and alongside the stream.

The aim of the festival was to celebrate Ranui's official naming as a suburb of Porirua (combining Porirua East and Ranui Heights) and also to show off the Ranui Village Plan.

Residents were also able to look over artwork design for the Mungavin Ave/Champion St roundabout and to learn about plans to upgrade Ranui's village centre.

Entertainers perform on stage during the Ranui Twilight Festival.

Entertainers perform on stage during the Ranui Twilight Festival.

View our Photo Gallery of the event.

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Birth of a new suburb

Ranui is a new suburb comprising Porirua East and Ranui Heights. It was created following a boundary change which was approved by Council in late 2009 and then formally gazetted by the New Zealand Geographic Board in October 2011.

Ranui in new electoral boundary

Ranui residents successfully campaigned to be moved out of the Western Ward and into the Eastern Ward, which they felt was geographically a better fit for their suburb.

In August 2012 the Local Government Commission determined that for the next general election of the Porirua City Council on 12 October 2013, ward boundaries for the Northern, Eastern and Western Wards will be revised to include all of Ranui in the Eastern Ward.

The present wards and ward boundaries for the Northern, Eastern and Western Wards will be revised as set out below:

Northern Ward - four members Pukerua Bay, Plimmerton, Camborne, Hongoeka, Paremata, Papakowhai, Whitby, Judgeford, Pauatahanui, Paekakariki Hill
Eastern Ward - four members Ascot Park, Aotea, Waitangirua, Cannons Creek, Ranui
Western Ward - two members Titahi Bay, Takapuwahia, Elsdon, Porirua City Centre, Kenepuru, Mana Island

The following image illustrates the new wards to come into effect for the October 2013 election:

Image showing proposed Porirua City Council Ward Boundaries.
Image showing future Porirua City Council Ward Boundaries.


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Developing a Village Plan for Ranui

Ranui launched its Village Plan in July 2011 after spending more than a year gathering the views of residents about what they wanted for their neighbourhood.

To gather the views of residents, the Ranui Residents Association worked in partnership with the Council to hold two festivals and carry out two surveys. This information has been used to develop the village plan, which has been signed off by the community and has now been presented to the Council.

Ranui Residents Association co-chair Cheryl Brown is pictured below with a copy of the Ranui Village Plan, which was launched in July 2010. She is standing in front of the first Ranui mural designed by urban artist Tupe Rogers and painted by the community during the 2010 community festival at Porirua School.

Cheryl Brown with the Ranui Village Plan.

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Ranui Community newsletter, meeting dates and contacts:

Ranui Panui





To learn more about Ranui and village planning visit the Ranui Residents Association website at http://ranuires.ning.com and email ranuires@gmail.com

You can also contact:

  • Ranui Residents Association Co-Chair Rosie Gallagher: phone 237-6119, mobile 021-169-2541 and email rosieglo81@yahoo.co.uk

Porirua City Council:

  • Ranui lead councillor: Cr Denys Latham, phone 04 233 1426, mobile 027 692 2970 or email denyslatham@paradise.net.nz
  • Ranui Village Planning staff liaison Bill Inge: phone (04) 237-1087, cellphone 027 530 3336 and email binge@pcc.govt

Community meeting dates

To find out about meeting dates for Ranui Residents Association please go to the PCC Events Calendar

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