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This page describes on-going Village Planning work in Ranui. This programme is a partnership between Porirua City Council and the community of Ranui to develop and improve the village.

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This image shows a view of the Ranui Welcome sign infront of the shopping centre on Mungavin Ave.

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Welcome to Ranui's upgraded main street

This is a photograph of the new Welcome to Ranui sign.

The sign says it all - Welcome to Ranui and its lovely new main street.

The sign has gone in as part of a long-running project to upgrade the mainstreet and shopping centre at the heart of Ranui Village. The work has involved improving the area for pedestrians and traffic to make the area more attractive and safer.

The project has included a major upgrade to the footpath through the shopping centre to feature a river-scape theme symbolising a river connecting the village to the harbour, the construction of a roundabout at Martin Street intersection and a new pedestrian crossing on Mungavin Avenue to replace the one adjacent to Martin Street.

The work was requested by the community of Ranui to improve their mainstreet and the Ranui Residents Association has worked closely with the Village Planning Programme and Council’s roading team to design the upgrade.

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Ranui's roadside orchard

This image shows the Ranui roadside orchard and a lemon tree with small fruit on it.

An urban orchard has been created on Mungavin Ave in a community project lead by the Ranui Residents Association.

Several longstanding members of the Ranui community donated a fruit tree for the orchard which has taken shape on the grassy bank below Porirua School.

The sign below has erected on the site.

This is an image of the sign at the Ranui orchard giving the background to the community grove.

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Stunning Ranui sculpture revealed

A stunning mosaic art sculpture was unveiled at the entrance to Ranui and eastern Porirua in September 2013

The 6m tall sculpture sits on the Mungavin Ave/Champion St roundabout and was unveiled an early morning ceremony.

For many it was the culmination of years of work; from the first request to improve the entranceway into Ranui to the final unveiling.

Along the way Ranui residents worked with community artist Kerry Scott to first design and then painstakingly build the mosaic artwork in a room off Mungavin Hall.

The sculpture reflects the Ranui environment; the trees and wildlife, and is topped by a flock of terns that will rotate in the wind.

The development of the community art work has been supported by a grant from the Mana Community Grants Foundation and Porirua’s Village Planning Programme.

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Ranui's Twighlight festival

This image shows children taking part in a sack race during the Ranui Community Festival in 2012.

Children take part in a sack race during the Ranui Twilight Festival.

Community celebrate Ranui.

The community of Ranui came together to celebrate their suburb during a Twilight Festival organised by the Ranui Residents Association in February 2012.

It was the third annual festival organised by the association to bring residents together.

The aim of the festival was to celebrate Ranui's official naming as a suburb of Porirua (combining Porirua East and Ranui Heights) and also to show off the Ranui Village Plan.

Residents were also able to look over designs for an artwork to adorn the Mungavin Ave/Champion St roundabout and to learn about plans to upgrade Ranui's village centre.

An estimated 800 people took part in the festival at Mungavin Park, where they were able to enjoy games of tennis, touch rugby and rugby league, as well as fun events, such as egg and spoon races, sack races and a quiz about Ranui.

Entertainers performed on a stage, there was a bouncy castle for the smaller children and families ate their dinner in the park and alongside the stream.

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The creation of Ranui

The suburb of Ranui comprises the old Porirua East and Ranui Heights.

It was created following a boundary change which was approved by Council in late 2009 and then formally gazetted by the New Zealand Geographic Board in October 2011.

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Developing a Village Plan for Ranui

Ranui launched its Village Plan in July 2011 after spending more than a year gathering the views of residents about what they wanted for their neighbourhood.

To gather the views of residents, the Ranui Residents Association worked in partnership with the Council to hold two festivals and carry out two surveys. This information has been used to develop the village plan, which has been signed off by the community and has now been presented to the Council.

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Ranui Community Contacts and newsletter

To learn more about Ranui and village planning visit the Ranui Residents Association website at http://ranuires.ning.com and email ranuires@gmail.com

Latest community newsletter

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