Strategic Priority Outcome - Council Services for Youth

The following Council services help ensure that children and young people and their whanau are healthy and active, safe, have strong cultural and community connections – and have a say in the shape and feel of Porirua City. The Council's role varies from direct service delivery, through to monitoring, facilitating and advocating.

Well educated and employed

The Council will work collaboratively to ensure we have a city of young people who excel at learning and work. See our Education page for more details.

Healthy and active

The Council provides a range of recreational activities and spaces to encourage healthy and active lifestyles


  • Provide great facilities that develop youth talent (e.g. Te Rauparaha Arena, Aquatic Centre, sports grounds etc).
  • Deliver excellent programmes (e.g. sports coaching, swim schools) that add measurably to the wellbeing and success of children and young people.
  • Provide a green and clean natural environment and high quality spaces to play in, with a particular interest in the health of the harbour and catchment.
  • Provide a city that is easy for children and young people to move about in (walking, cycling)
  • Advocate for better child health outcomes through consistent lobbying and service monitoring e.g. rheumatic fever, skin infections, dental health – for example the Porirua Social Sector Trial.
  • Advocate and use regulatory tools under The Building Act to improve the quality of housing in Porirua, particularly rental properties that are cold, damp and prone to mould - and as such pose risks to the health and quality of life of residents, particularly children and families living in homes that are damp, cold and prone to mould.

What's New?

Porirua Social Sector Trial

The Council is a member of the working group led by Compass Health. The purpose of the trial is to work collectively, trialling new approaches to social sector change, to reduce the number of people (especially children and young people) being admitted to hospital for conditions that could be better prevented or managed in the community.

Outcomes: The trial's Porirua Action Plan Tumai Hauora ki Porirua has two overall aims

  • reduce ambulatory sensitive hospitalisations (ASH) in which under 10 years olds are disproportionally represented
  • reduce presentations at the Emergency Department of Wellington Regional Hospital by people living in Porirua

Improving housing quality in Porirua

The Council has a long-standing interest in the quality of housing in Porirua, particularly rental properties, which are more likely to be overcrowded, cold, damp and prone to mould.

Safe family-friendly city

The Council provides a safe city for all families and the children and young people.


  • Work as a regulator to protect the health and wellbeing of families (eg water safety, bathing water safety, food safety, dog control and noise control, building safety and polices on social hazards such as liquor, gaming and psychoactive substances)
  • Ensure communities are clean (graffiti and litter free), attractive (featuring local murals and artworks) with safe spaces and activities for children and young people
  • Provide a city that is safe for children and young people (safe roads, good lighting etc)
  • Work with communities to ensure emergency preparedness
  • An accessible city for children, families and those with disabilities.


The Council supports and promotes clubs and organisations that celebrate our cultural diversity and enhance the wellbeing of children and young people

  • Provide tangible opportunities to grow civic and leadership skills
  • Provide ways to empower children and young people to influence the shape and feel of their communities and city
  • Recognise that digital literacy is critical to learning and future success
  • Strengthen and celebrate the cultural diversity of our youthful city through child and youth friendly events, festivals and programmes
  • Have the highest involvement of young people in city decision making of anywhere in New Zealand


The Council works creatively to increase the engagement of children and young people in the decisions that affect them


  • Provide a range of opportunities to get the views of children and young people and share information on Council issues
  • Involve children and young people in village planning and decision making
  • Use child and youth-friendly communication and consultation methods
  • Recognise schools are at the centre of communities and provide opportunities to strengthen the relationship with the Council
  • Promote positive stories of success to build confidence and pride in living in Porirua
  • Encourage young people to vote in local government elections, general eletions and referenda 

What’s New?

Electoral Roll – encouraging young people to register

  • All young people are encouraged to pre-register for the electoral roll once they turn 17 years old – so they will automatically be able to vote at 18 years old. Go to the Elections website to enrol.  

Informed and responsive

The Council is informed about the status of children and young people in Porirua City


  • Develop a strong evidence base to inform advocacy positions and actions that can be used by the Council, young people, parents and government agencies and other stakeholders to improve the wellbeing of children and young people
  • Produce an annual status report on the wellbeing of children and young people in Porirua that will provide a platform for advocacy
  • Ensure we take an intergenerational approach (fair funding) to infrastructure investment to enhance and protect the city’s assets for future generations