Community Art Projects

As part of our strategic priority to have a great village and city experience for our people, we coordinate various community art and planting projects around Porirua City.  This work helps to reduce the cost to the city of cleaning up graffiti, and beautifies areas where the public frequently visit or pass by.

We work with local groups, schools, youth and residents to identify and clean up areas of concern.  Some of our artists have created stunning works of art for everyone to enjoy.

Titahi Bay Murals Walking Tour

We have developed a walking tour guide of the community art murals in Titahi Bay.

Download and print our Walking Tour Guide, and head out to Titahi Bay for a walk.  This tour is suitable for all able-bodied walkers, including prams.  Allow 1-2 hours to fully appreciate all the murals.

Porirua Railway Station photographs and murals

When the Porirua Railway station was upgraded in 2011, photographic panels and painted murals were installed as part of the beautification of the ramps and subway.  Have a look at the Porirua Railway Station page to see stories and video of the artists and their work.

Bus stop projects

Local artists get the chance to decorate some of the old concrete bus shelters around town. In some cases the alternative to decorating them is having them replaced with plastic Adshel shelters, making them pleasant places to sit and wait for a bus.

Xoe Hall's Busstop boutigue in Titahi Bay.

Xoe Hall’s Bus stop boutique in Titahi Bay.

Ian Taylor's artwork on the back to front bus stop in Richard Street, Titahi Bay.

Ian Taylor’s artwork on the back to front bus stop in Richard St, Titahi Bay.

Adopt a spot groups

A number of small community groups have formed around keeping a small area tidy near their homes. This is a great way to help with reducing graffiti in your area and an opportunity to meet your neighbours.

Jillet St Park locals tidied up the fences around the park in March 2015.

Jillet St Park locals tidied up the fences around the park, March 2015.

Celebrating the community butterfly garden on a walkway in Titahi Bay, Summer 2015.

Celebrating the community butterfly garden on a walkway in Titahi Bay. Summer 2015.

Attractive mural under Paremata Bridge.

Paremata residents have helped beautify this spot under the Paremata rail bridge.

Pikarere Street mural.

Pikarere St residents formed an adopt a spot group and worked with local artist Antz June to create this innovative mural which includes a street name sign.

Sam Hunt Portrait

In early 2015 a portrait of Sam Hunt was placed on an old winch shed on the Camborne walkway. As Sam was coming to the Festival of the Elements that year to help celebrate Porirua’s 50th anniversary, we asked him to come a day early to unveil the portrait which is not far from the boat shed that he lived in for several years and from where he wrote a number of his poems.

Sam Hunt's mural on the Camborne Walkway.
Image of Sam Hunt on one side of the winch shed.

Sam Hunt's mural on the Camborne Walkway.
Sam Hunt's Poem on the other side of the winch shed on the Camborne Walkway.

Schools Tag Free Kiwi Projects

Pukerua Bay School students all took part in the Tag free Kiwi project to reduce graffiti in their area by painting murals around the school and on the local skate park.

Pukerua Bay School students painting mural.

Pukerua Bay painting mural.

Image showing one of the parents own artwork.

One of the parents helped with their own artwork.

Image showing high standard of graffiti.

Image showing students at work painting the wall.

Porirua Alternative College students decorate a local wall at Cannons Creek shops with the help of social worker/artist Chris Barrand.

Maraeroa school planting lizard garden.

Maraeroa school students plant a lizard garden to show pride in their school environment using the Tag Free Kiwi programme 2015.

Cannons Creek Murals

Shopkeepers have been delighted with the installation of murals above their shops to help beautify the Cannons Creek shopping centre.

Artwork produced by students above shop frontages.

Artwork produced by students above shop frontages.

Graphic art project at Cannons Creek.

Artists Marc Spijkerbosch (Rotorua) and Anthony June (Porirua) with their collaborative Trompe l’oeil (3D) and graphic art project at Cannons Creek – they won 3rd place overall in New Zealand for a professional mural in 2014 with this piece that we think is the only collaboration of its type in New Zealand if not further afield.

Plimmerton bridge mural

Walkers on Plimmerton beach get a lovely surprise when they pass the Plimmerton road bridge where the creek exits onto the beach. A Xoe Hall mural on the north side depicts elements of the beach and the wind.

Xoe Hall mural under Plimmerton road bridge.

Xoe Hall mural under Plimmerton road bridge.

Railway Station Shelter Murals

The Porirua Railway Station shelter has two beautiful community art murals which were installed in 2012.

Railway Station shelter mural.

Railway Station Shelter east side mural installed in early 2012.  Artists were Ruth Robertson-Taylor and Chloe Rewiti. 

This mural was completed during the "Work in Progress" exhibition held at Pataka Museum of Arts and Cultures in January 2012.

Commuters waiting at Porirua Station are also enjoying a refreshing view, with a mural by international artist Marc Spijkerbosch.

The mural has transformed the back of the bus stop into an embracing and entertaining piece of art as you can see from the photos below.

View of the back of the bus shelter with the new mural.
View of the back of the bus shelter with the new mural.

Close-up view of part of the mural by Marc Spijkerbosch.
Close-up view of part of the mural by artist Marc Spijkerbosch.

This mural won third place in the Resene National mural masterpieces competition for professional artists.  View more on the Resene website.

Waitangirua Mall murals

In 2010 a student at Natone Park School wrote to us to ask if the wall on one end of the Waitangirua Mall building visible from the school could be painted with murals to compliment all the hard work they had done to beautify their school and grounds.

Over 18 months a plan came together with the Council and Housing NZ approaching nine different community groups with the idea of putting up murals on this graffiti hot spot.

In December 2011, with community volunteers and paint from the mall owner, the walls were given a paint over, and then the nine community groups put up their designs and painted their murals over two weeks.

Waitangirua Mall mural.

Waitangirua Mall mural.
Waitangirua Mall murals.

  • Download and print a full Description of the murals and artists (408KB pdf)

The view from the local school.

The view from Natone School - Simply Stunning!

Thanks to all the groups that participated:  Wesley Community Action Waitangirua;  Te Toka Ahuru Kohanga Reo; Maraeroa Marae; Corinna School; Streets Ahead 237; Natone Park School;  Refugee Services, South Pacific Academy and Porirua College, and thanks to the other volunteer groups who helped with the paint out.

Also at the Waitangirua Mall is this lovely piece of art on the utility box near the entrance to the mall. 

Utility box artwork.
Waitangirua Mall utility box artwork

Lizard Garden Planting

In May 2015, and June 2016, members of the Plimmerton and Paremata Residents Associations, Te Rito Gardens and Conservation Volunteers and Paremata/Plimmerton rugby club joined forces to plant about 650 metres of rail corridor between Plimmerton and Mana as part of a graffiti reduction and city beautification project. 

The plants used were chosen to encourage birds and lizards to use this wild area.  

Around 550 plants were planted in a few hours and we look forward to seeing them grow and making this area much more pleasant for everyone walking or travelling past by train.

Image showing people planting the Lizard Garden.

Paremata/Plimmerton Rugby club members get stuck into planting.

Contact Us

If you see any graffiti around our city, please report it to us on phone (04) 237 5089 or see our Graffiti Vandalism and Tagging webpage for more information.  We aim to remove reported graffiti within 48 hours.