Digital Porirua

Many changes have taken place in Porirua since Porirua City Council first initiated a Digital Porirua strategy in 2008. The Council withdrew its funding in 2013 (although it continues its support) and the digital strategy is now the responsibility of e-Learning Porirua.  All enquiries should be directed to them.

Porirua City Council supports the building of a digital Porirua, in terms of capability growth as well as community development. Previous initiatives of Council – such as support for SmartLinx3 – have focussed on broadband connectivity. Other initiatives such as the Digital Porirua Trust were focused on building access and use of broadband services. Since Digital Porirua Trust was disestablished in 2012, e-Learning Porirua (also known as the Porirua City Community IT Education Trust) has taken the lead role in this initiative.

The Council's Economic Development Strategy includes under the heading Community Investment a focus on digital literacy. The Council continues to take a keen interest in organisations such as e-Learning Porirua to meet objectives for broadband access and use.

Digital Porirua Trust

This section acknowledges the historical development and project achievements of Digital Porirua Trust throughout 2008 until 6 September 2012. These projects are now formally managed by e-Learning Porirua.

e-Learning Porirua

The aim of e-Learning Porirua (Porirua City Community IT Educational Trust (E-Learning Porirua)) is to manage activities focused on supporting people living and working in Porirua City to take part in new technologies, and to reduce unemployment, whilst substantially increasing attainment levels of students in low-decile schools. All projects identify the need for technology development across a wide range of community groups and schools, as well as addressing the marked divide in digital participation within Porirua City.