e-Learning Porirua

This page describes e-Learning Porirua (the Porirua City Community IT Educational Trust) and lists the Board Members.

Trust established in 2001

The Porirua City Community IT Educational Trust was established as a charitable trust in 2001 by the then local MP, Graham Kelly. It is now commonly referred to as e-Learning Porirua and is a part of the national Computers in Homes organisation. The Computers in Homes project (CiH) aims to support low income communities to use ICT to strengthen their education. Its purpose as a community driven programme is to provide computers in homes, schools and community learning centres to families who are socially and economically disadvantaged, and provide them with the necessary skills and internet access to support their children’s learning and engage more fully in society.

e-Learning Porirua provides families with a refurbished computer for the home, an internet connection, relevant basic training and technical support, and fully meets the following goals of the Trust:

  • To empower communities with the necessary tools and skills for lifting education achievement, reducing unemployment and poverty, and increasing social cohesion.
  • To provide children of these communities with access to online educational resources from home, and from local access points.
  • To strengthen relationships between parents and schools in these disadvantaged communities, so that parents are more empowered to support their children’s learning.

Board Members

See a list of the Board Members.