This banner photograph shows an image of a pou at Waitangirua Community Park.

Village Planning Programme

This section describes the City's Village Planning Programme. The programme is a partnership with our communities to improve and develop their neighbourhoods.

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Porirua City  and the community work to improve city villages

The Village Planning Programme is a ground breaking partnership between the City and its communities.

It puts communities in charge of developing a vision for their neighbourhoods and then partnering with the City to make it happen. This vision is brought together through community consultation and developed into Village Plans, which lay out the community's goals and aspirations for the future of their neighbourhood.

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Village Planning Projects - from skateparks to community fairs

Thirteen communities are actively involved in Village Planning; some are just starting, while others are well underway.

Many of the communities have developed village plans; setting out their vision for their neighbourhood. These village's plans are hugely diverse, reflecting the differing nature of the villages. Projects requested have included everything from a new waterfront promenade and skatepark, to a beach management plan and community fairs.

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Village Planning Art Trail

Many of our communities make public art a top priority in their Village Plans. As a result some beautiful art works have been created, such as Ranui's rotating bird sculpture, pictured below

This photograph shows the Ranui sculpture

Follow the links below to find out about other artworks across our villages:

  • Cannons Creek – colourful murals adorn the shopping centre,
  • Ranui - a stunning mosaic column with rotating birds above sits at the entrance to the village
  • Pauatahanui – big concrete cockles sit in the mainstreet gardens outside the Pauatahanui Wildlife Management Centre,
  • Plimmerton – a range of unique and unusual seats and flax-themed fencing adds interest to the shopping centre and waterfront promenade,
  • Pukerua Bay –A magnificent 6m high carved Pou Tangaroa (God of the Sea) stands at the foreshore and tells the story of the area’s marine reserve and significance of the site,
  • Takapuwahia – two stainless-steel and wood pou depicting the prow and stern of a waka mark the village entrance,
  • Titahi Bay – Four carved pou depicting New Zealand’s early explorers stand along the beach walkway, plus murals add colour to the main shopping centre,
  • Waitangirua – A detailed mosaic tells the story of the two waterways that run through the village, plus a range of colourful murals brighten Waitangirua Community Park.

The photographs below show a range of artworks around the city. 

The Pauatahanui cockles
Pauatahanui's cockles.

Plimmerton's modular seats.
Plimmerton's seats.

Pukerua Bay's pou.
Pukerua Bay's pou.

Titahi Bay pou.
One of Titahi Bay's pou.

Takapuwahia's pou.         

Takapuwahia's pou.                                                                                         

Cannons Creek murals.
Cannons Creek's murals.

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Award winning Village Planning Programme

In 2013 the Waitangirua Community Park Village Planning Project was recognised with the Outstanding Project Award at the 2013 New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA) Awards in Rotorua.

The judges said the level of community engagement and sense of ownership and pride was something to be celebrated by this community and replicated by others.

Amongst the achievements noted in the project’s nomination;, the Park turned a barren, underused car park into a thriving community hub and involved local residents in the process so that their participation had real results in the community.

The project reacheed across age groups and cultures to achieve wide-spread engagement and support. The result is a well-used, much-loved community space, featuring junior and senior areas, sports courts, fitness circuits, a BBQ, a performance stage and public art.

In 2011 the project to develop Waitangirua Community Park was judged the best in New Zealand for outstanding community engagement.

Waitangirua residents drove the development of the park, to create a heart for the suburb on underused land. Residents worked alongside Porirua City Council staff at every stage; from the concept to construction.

The project was named the New Zealand regional winner for Australasia of the International Association for Public Participation IAP2 Project of the Year 2011 Awards.

The project did not take out the overall Australasian award, which was announced in October 2011.

You can view the IAP2 Project of the Year 2011 award entry (PDF 6.7MB)

At the 2010 International Liveable Communities Awards, the Villages Programme won first place in the Socio Economic section of the Environmentally Sustainable Project Award. Porirua City also topped the Community Sustainability criteria in the Whole of City award.

You can view two stunning DVDs created for the awards of the Village Planning Programme and the Whole of City on this YouTube link

To learn more about these awards and Porirua City Council's entries return to the Community Projects home page.

In 2009, the Village Planning Programme won the supreme award at the 2009 Local Government Excellence Awards. View the award entry. (PDF 4274 kbs)

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Budget and work programme

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Porirua City Council Village Planning Programme contacts

For more information contact City Partnerships Manager Robyn Steel on 04 237 1422 or email


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