Ranui Village Planning - prior to 2012

Children enjoy a sack race during the Ranui Twilight Festival 2012.

This page describes early Village Planning Programme work in Ranui. This programme is a partnership between Porirua City Council and the community of Ranui to develop and improve the village. To learn more about the Village Planning Programme visit the home page.

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Early Ranui Village Planning Projects - prior to 2012


Ranui intersection improvements

Improvements have been made to the Awatea Street-Mungavin Avenue intersection to improve traffic and pedestrian safety. Construction took place during December 2010 and January 2011. The work includes a new traffic island, which extends east along Mungavin Avenue from Awatea Street, plus new traffic lane markings designed to slow traffic through the intersection, and wider turning lanes for traffic exiting and entering Awatea Street. The purpose of these changes is to make it safer for traffic using this stretch of road and to discourage traffic from crossing the road centreline when exiting from the Shell service station into Mungavin Avenue.

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Bothamley Park Streamside Festival 2011

Crowds dance during the Ranui Streamside Festival 2011.

A streamside festival was held at Bothamley Park in Ranui on Saturday, 26 February, 2011 to celebrate the start of restoration work within the park.

It was a lovely day with a large number of people enjoying the entertainment, taking a streamside walk and learning more about the park.

Bothamley Park offers 5kms of shared easy gradient walkways and cycleways, which follow an old farm-track alongside Kenepuru Stream, linking Porirua Railway Station to Aotea Block, Ranui, Cannons Creek and Ascot Park.

The festival was also a chance for community to give feedback on a draft village plan being developed for Ranui and to meet the Mayor and councillors.

A series of four murals were also painted by visitors to the festival. You can download a PDF of the murals. (325KB)

New Murals for Bothamley Park

A series of murals painted by the community at the 2011 Bothamley Park Festival have been installed in Bothamley Park.

The four murals were designed by artists and then painted during the day by children and adults.

Pictured below are two of the murals installed in Bothamley Park during November 2011


A Bothamley Park mural.

A Bothamley Park mural.


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Ranui's Community Festival 2010

The community of Ranui turned out in force on a lovely, sunny day in March 2010 for a festival, which featured plenty of music and dancing.

The event was organised by local residents and Porirua City Council, to launch Ranui's village planning process and to build community spirit in the new village.

Here are a few photographs of the day's events.

Ranui Festival dancers 2010.

Crowds enjoy Ranui Festival 2010.

Ranui Festival clown 2012.

Mural painters at the Ranui Festival 2010.

Porirua College performers at the Ranui Festival 2010.

Performers at the Ranui Festival 2010.

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