A view of Titahi Bay Beach and the boatsheds.

Titahi Bay Beach Reserves Plans and Projects

The Titahi Bay Beach Reserves Plans are being implemented. This page gives links to information about reports, proposals and projects.

To read the latest news go to the Titahi Bay page

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Restoring Titahi Bay Beach

A restoration plan has been finalised for Titahi Bay Beach. This will guide the community planting programme.

The Titahi Bay Beach Restoration Plan will specify the types and numbers of plants for different sites along the beach. The plantings will enhance the natural character of the beach through active weed control and revegetation plantings.

View a copy of the plan

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Beach development plan

The Titahi Bay Beach Development Plan -2010 (PDF 1.5MB) is a broad concept plan designed to guide development of Titahi Bay Beach.

The plan looks at:

  • Improved beach entrance areas
  • Improved pathway and pedestrian access options
  • Areas for dune restoration
  • Improved viewing opportunities

Planning to finalise landscaping for the beach south of the Surf Club is about to start.

To learn about work underway at the northern end of the beach go to the Titahi Bay page.

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Guiding Work at the Beach – the Natural Systems Action Plan

The Natural Systems Action Plan (2010) guides the planned restoration and landscaping at the beach.

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Helping to Look After the Beach

If you are interested in helping out looking after the beach, check out our Beach Watch page.

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The Titahi Bay Beach Reserves Management Plan (2008)

The Titahi Bay Beach Reserves Management Plan 2008 (776KB pdf) aims to:

  • ensure that Titahi Bay Beach is able to be accessed, used and enjoyed by the public.
  • maintain, and where practicable, enhance the natural character of Titahi Bay Beach.
  • work with coastal processes to manage erosion on Titahi Bay Beach in a sustainable way.
  • protect Titahi Bay Beach from unnecessary or inappropriate development.

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Greater Wellington’s role at Titahi Bay Beach

Greater Wellington is responsible for the foreshore (below mean high water springs). Read about the regional policies and rules for this part of the beach on Greater Wellington's website.

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Titahi Bay Beach Working Group Members

The Council has Greater Wellington and community members helping to implement the plan. Community members in early 2012 are:

  • Astrid van Meeuwen-Dijkgraaf
  • Gael McRoberts
  • Peter Windsor
  • Robyn Smith
  • Steve Warren
  • Toni Tana
  • Pam Ringrose

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