This page describes the process to develop Waitangirua Community Park, which was a partnership between the community and Porirua City Council through the Village Planning Programme.

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The Waitangirua Community Park story

Two DVDs have been made to tell the story behind the development of Waitangirua Community Park.

  • Te Wairua o Waitangirua tells the story of how the community was engaged to develop their own design for the park. 
  • The Waitangirua Community Park Journey (2011) takes up the story from that final design through to the grand opening of the park in late 2010.

Both DVDs are available. For a copy contact Communications Advisor Claire Giblin 237-1611 or email

The official opening of Waitangirua Community Park


This photograph shows the formal opening of Waitangirua Community Park on December 11, 2010 - as Porirua Mayor Nick Leggett and Moana Tuariki, of the Waitangirua Community Park Design Team prepare to unveil the opening plaque.

The hard work pays off at Waitangirua Community Park

After years of hard work, the dream of the Waitangirua community was realised on 11 December 2010, with the official opening of their park.

There was a great turn-out despite the early morning drizzle and the playground was filled with children.

Local Government Minister Rodney Hide acknowledged the work of the Waitangirua community and Porirua City Council, in taking the ideas of residents and working in partnership to create their park.

Moana Tuariki, who chairs the Waitangirua Community Park Design Group, spoke of how proud she was to see their efforts finally realised and Porirua Mayor Nick Leggett said the residents had created an area they, and the wider Porirua community, could be very proud of.

Entertainment was provided by children from local schools.

This photograph shows Porirua Mayor Nick Leggett speaking during the opening of Waitangirua Community Park.

See more photos on our Photo Gallery page.

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Waitangirua Community Park project a finalist in international award.

The Waitangirua Community Park project was a finalist at the 2010 International Awards for Liveable Communities (LivCom Awards), at which Porirua City won 3 gold standard awards.

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The creation of a community space in Waitangirua

The Waitangirua Community Park has been built on land owned by Council in front of Waitangirua Mall. In the past it has been used for carparking and also includes a small garden area, public toilet and fenced volleyball and basketball courts.

Consultation with the community of Waitangirua began in 2007 and many wanted to see this land developed into a community space; an area that would be a focal point for the neighbourhood and a community heart.

A Waitangirua Park Community Design Group was formed by representatives from Council, Maraeroa Marae, Waitangirua Action Group, Waitangirua Residents' Association, the owners of Waitangirua Mall, Porirua Community Guardians, Housing New Zealand Corporation and local residents and schools.

The group considered ideas generated at community and school presentations, following a process of consultation that included a survey of residents and a community feedback day. That community consultation process has been showcased in a DVD "Te Wairua O Waitangirua".  Copies are available from the Porirua City Council.

A project advisory group was then established, including community and government agency representation, to work alongside Council on the park. This group signed off the final park design.


The photograph above shows a broad view of Waitangirua looking across the area of carparking and mall before construction of the park began. The photograph below shows how the park has been redeveloped.

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Designing a community park

The new park features a children's adventure playground, adult fitness stations, performance space, BBQ and community picnic area and a pedestrian promenade.

The park has been specifically designed to reflect the diverse Waitangirua community, with a massive carved Waharoa (entranceway) and carvings throughout the park telling their stories.

Waitangirua is a diverse cultural mix of Tongan, Samoan, Fijian, Niuean, Tuvaluan, Tokelauan, Cook Island Maori, New Zealand Maori, New Zealand European, Asian and Somalian people.

Being able to reflect the unique nature of this community has had a huge influence on the design and theming of the park.

Maraeroa Marae is situated opposite Waitangirua Park. There is a special relationship between the Marae and the park due not only to proximity but also to involvement of people from the Marae.

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Waitangirua Park community planting days

Waitangirua residents turned out in force for a series of community planting days at the park.

About 40 people joined forces in September 2010 to bed in nearly 600 plants at Waitangirua Park.

Working in teams, groups of residents turned beds of top soil into gardens with grasses, hebes and other low growing plants.

At one of the community planting days in September, nearly 600 plants were bedded in.

This photograph shows Tina Mareikura-Halbert getting stuck in during a community planting day at Waitangirua Park in September 2010.

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Powerful carvings for Waitangirua Community Park


The photograph above shows carver Harry (Are) Manea Karati, who crafted carvings for Waitangirua Community Park.

Local carver and his team work on carvings for Waitangirua Community Park

Local artist and carver Harry (Are) Manea Karati and his team have carved a series of stunning works for Waitangirua Community Park, including a massive Waharoa (formal gateway) and eight intricately carved bollards for the park.

They created the carvings at a workshop in the nearby Maraeroa Marae.

The carvings reflect the diverse cultures that make up Waitangirua and tell the stories of the migration that has bought them to village.

Harry has grown up in Waitangirua and learnt the art of carving at a course run by the nearby Maraeroa Marae.

Below are photographs of the carvings as they were developed during construction of Waitangirua Community Park








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Waitangirua Community Park festival 2010

This photograph shows children chalking in the lines for the new park at a community fair in Waitangirua.

Festival showcases park design

A festival was held on 19 January 2010 to celebrate the new park design and showcase it to the wider community.

The outline of the park and carparking areas were painted so the community could see the park's intended size and scope, and the courts were resealed.

Around 500 people attended the festival and looked over the park area, with children being invited to join chalk dots to reveal the path the new walkways will take.

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