Whitby Village Planning

This image shows a view of walkers on one of Whitby's walkways.

This page describes on-going Village Planning Programme work in Whitby. This programme is a partnership between Porirua City Council and the community of Whitby to develop and improve the village. To learn more about the Village Planning Programme visit the home page.

Find out more about Whitby on the community website http://www.whitby.org.nz/

On this page you will find:

Whitby Village Planning - latest news


Village Planning update:

The community is working on the following village planning projects:

  • New concrete footpath from Spyglass Lane to Duck Creek
  • New concrete footpath from Barque Crescent to The Haven (parallel to Discovery Drive)

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New lakeside lighting

Lights have been installed along one edge of Whitby’s Lower Lake. This means there is now night-time lighting along the eastern side of the lake from Discovery Drive to Halyard Place.

The community was keen to have the lake lit at night because it is a popular walking area.  This will make it safer and easier to navigate after dark and for residents to reach the nearby shops.

This photograph shows the new lights that have gone in around Whitby Lake.

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New Whitby footpaths

Two new footpaths are being developed in Whitby: Spyglass to Duck Creek, and Barque Cres to The Haven along Discovery Drive (as pictured below).

Downer has been contracted to design the footpaths, in partnership with the Council and the Whitby Residents Association.

This image shows the potential route of the Barque Crescent to The Haven footpath along Discovery Drive.

The image above shows the potential route of the Barque Crescent to The Haven footpath along Discovery Drive.

This image shows the potential route of the Spyglass Lane to Duck Creek footpath.

The image above shows the potential route of the Spyglass Lane to Duck Creek footpath.

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A view-and-a-half from The Quarterdeck

This image shows Cr Anita Baker enjoying the view at the Quarterdeck lookout in Whitby.

Cr Anita Baker enjoying the view at the Quarterdeck lookout in Whitby

A lookout that all can enjoy

The view from the new lookout in the Quarterdeck Scenic Reserve will take your breath away.

The lookout, constructed in a partnership between the Whitby Residents Association and Porirua City Council through the Village Planning Programme, offers sweeping views of Plimmerton Heads, the Pauatahanui Hills around to Silverwood housing estate and the Hayward and Paekakariki Hills.

It cost $20,000 to construct the path, concrete platform and signs which explain the view and the history of the spot. The association secured a $5000 grant to go towards the cost. It was completed in October 2015.

Councillor Anita Baker said the outlook was particularly special as it was easy to access, even for those in wheelchairs.

“The Quarterdeck is a very popular reserve and the new outlook will add to the experience. The Quarterdeck is part of the Whitby walkway network and it’s fantastic that such a special place with spectacularviews is so easy to reach.”

The reserve is also a dog exercise area.

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Spyglass reserve

Two picnic tables, some seating and an information board were installed in the small reserve off Spyglass Lane in late 2014. (pictured below).

This photograph shows a view of Spyglass Reserve in Whitby with the new picnic tables and information board.

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Information panels tell Whitby stories

Many Whitby parks and lookouts are sporting new information panels, developed through the suburb’s village planning partnership with Porirua City Council.

The panels have been installed during October 2014 in the Nishio Garden, Rex Green Lookout, Browns Bay Reserve, Duck Creek and Brady Grave site. They describe the history of the areas, plus what can be found at the site and what is in the view.

They’ve been designed and developed by the Whitby Residents Association, with support from the Council.

Whitby lead councillor Anita Baker and Association chairman Geoff Mowday are pictured below with the new leaner in Nishio Garden.

This photograph shows Whitby lead councillor Anita Baker and Association chairman Geoff Mowday with the new leaner in Nishio Garden.

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Whitby Village Planning wrap-up for 2013/14

During the past financial year (2013/14) Whitby has concentrated on improving the signposting of its walkways and reserves with the installation of:

  • 9 walking direction signs,
  • 7 Walkway network-themed markers,
  • 4 large wooden information station leaners in: Browns Bay Reserve, Nishio Garden, Rex Green Lookout and Spyglass Reserve. Take a look at the information panels.
  • 2 additional leaners are in stock for future installation in the Bradey Grave site and Quarterdeck Reserve,
  • 4 major street map signs 1.5m high are installed at the SH58 entrances to Whitby on Joseph Banks Drive, James Cook Drive, Spinnaker Drive and Postgate Drive.

The photograph below shows one of the street maps installed on Joseph Banks Drive.

This photograph shows one of the Whitby street maps installed on Joseph Banks Drive.

Whitby Walkfest organiser Lisa Webber is pictured below with one of the new walkway signs that has gone up in Whitby.

This picture shows Lisa Webber with one of the new walkway signs in Whitby.


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Whitby's Spinnaker Summit Lookout officially opened

Children’s stories, family photos and newspapers were among the items buried in a time capsule at the official opening of the Spinnaker Summit Lookout in November 2013.

Mayor Nick Leggett cut the ribbon with the help of students Thor Burns and Kira Vogt from Discovery School, which helped develop the time capsule as a school project.

Whitby Resident Association Chairman Geoff Mowday told the children they were part of history, with the time capsule capturing a snap shot of life that would be of interest in the future.

The community requested the viewing platform through its Village Plan and worked in partnership with the Council to make it happen; approving plans and helping landscape the area.

A group of Whitby residents joined councillors and council staff for a planting day on the misty Saturday morning of July 21 to bed in low level native trees and shrubs around the platform.

The Spinnaker Hill summit has spectacular views of Pauatahanui Inlet, west to Mana Island and the Plimmerton Heads and east to Pauatahanui and over Whitby (as pictured below).

This photograph is taken at the top of Spinnaker Hill in Whitby and shows the spectacular views over the Pauatahanui Inlet.

The new lookout can be accessed from a number of walkways; off Leeward Drive, The Anchorage, Mercury Way and Spinnaker Drive.

The summit work tops off a revamp of the Spinnaker walkway in 2010, which reduced the steep gradient, resurfaced the path and installed drainage.

The upgrade included cutting new tracks to replace steep sections, taking out old bridges and steps, and the 1.6 km pathway was widened, flattened and regraded.

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Second Whitby entrance sign gets a revamp

Whitby has a new entrance sign at the corner of Postgate Drive and SH58 - as pictured below.

This photograph shows the new Whitby entrance sign at the corner of Postgate Drive and SH58.

The sign was installed during July 2013. It has been upgraded to match the entrance sign on the corner of Joseph Banks Drive and SH58, which was revamped in January 2013 - as pictured below.

The new Joseph Banks Drive Whitby entrance sign

The design of the entrance signs was selected by the Whitby Residents Association.

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Whitby's Village Plans


The front cover of the new Whitby Village Plan.

The new Whitby Village Plan 2013

Plan sets out ways to improve Whitby

In 2012 the the Whitby Residents Association decided it was time to update the original 2009 village plan.

It surveyed residents to find out what they liked about Whitby and how it might be improved.That feedback was used to develop a new village Plan, which sets out an plan for action in five key areas: walkways and reserves, major development and services, education, community building and promotion.

The plan builds on the 2009 Village Plan, which started village planning in the community.

Download and view a copy of the 2013 Whitby Village Plan (1.07MB pdf)

The original 2009 Whitby Village Plan was based on a series of public meetings and survey responses from more than 250 residents.

The resulting 2009 Whitby Plan - A Sustainable Future to 2030 - was launched in April 2009 with the vision:

"In 2030 Whitby will be the most desirable place to live in the Wellington region. It will have an upper quartile quality of life for all its residents as evidenced by a wide variety of housing styles, shops and community facilities. There will be an extensive network of interconnecting walkways covering all of Whitby and a higher than normal percentage of reserves. It will be a friendly, safe, caring community which is committed to the preservation of a sustainable lifestyle. It will show a strong affinity in its local character to James Cook and his exploration of Aotearoa."

A community vision

To achieve this vision five plans will be put into operation throughout the period 2009-2030:

  • Walkways and Reserves Plan, including the development of a walkways festival (see festival details below),
  • Major Development and Services Plan, including planned housing developments and infrastructure,
  • Education Plan, including securing a new primary school and secondary school for Whitby,
  • Community Building Plan, including working with developers to establish character of town centre,
  • Promotions Plan, including establishing a Whitby website.

Council will continue to work with the Whitby community to help facilitate village plan priorities.

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Whitby Village Planning contacts, meeting dates and community website

For Whitby Village Planning contacts go to the contacts page

To find out about meeting dates for Whitby Residents Association please view the PCC Events Calendar

And find out more about Whitby on the community website http://www.whitby.org.nz/

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