Youth Development Services in Porirua City

This section describes Youth Development services and activities in Porirua City.

Young People in Porirua – Our Future

Children and young people (aged 0-24 years) in Porirua make up 40% of our City population – this is the largest age group in Porirua and one of the largest youth populations in New Zealand.

Young people are defined as an age-group 12-24 years old - the general time of moving from a child to an adult and becoming independent.  The 12-24 years age group is used in the National Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa and by the Porirua City Council and in other local government youth strategies. 

Porirua City Council acknowledges that the more positive experiences young people have growing up in Porirua, the more positive the benefits will be for them as adults, and for their children, and the whole of Porirua City.  Porirua City Council's Youth Development Team supports youth development within council and across agencies and communities.

Porirua City Council Youth Needs Assessment

Porirua City Council has conducted a Needs Assessment of young people in Porirua and explore the feasibility of a youth centre.  The Assessment, which included recommendations to improve the wellbeing of young people, was considered by Council Committee on 3 March 2012.

The Assessment was the result of a submission from Council's Youth Advisory Group in 2009 proposing that Council invest in a feasibility study to explore the viability of a multi-purpose youth centre. As a result  in November 2011, Council adopted a resolution to undertake a study of youth needs in the City and a feasibility study for a centrally-based multi-use centre.  Council also requested that the Assessment explore currently funded alternatives to a youth centre.

The following links provide further information about the Youth Advisory Group and the Assessment including a link to Council Youth Assessment Report  and the Youth Needs Assessment.

If you would like to know more about the Assessment, please contact  Janet Carlyle on phone (04) 237 1426 or email

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