About this Website

This page describes the design, management and maintenance of the website www.pcc.govt.nz owned and operated by the Porirua City Council, New Zealand.

Website provides information about Council services

This website is designed to provide information about the Porirua City Council and its services to the residents and citizens of Porirua City. It uses a database-driven content management system with dynamic menu navigation to increase speed of operation. There are several customised modules which use information generated from in-house databases or online systems (Cemetery Records, Events Calendar, GIS Maps, Property and Rates and the Library Catalogue) and internal records (Meeting Documents). These modules will open in a new window. Instructions for their use are given on the page where the link exists where appropriate.

The site content, structure and maintenance is carried out by Porirua City Council staff. You can send your comments or suggestions to the webmaster@pcc.govt.nz.

Terms and Conditions

The preparation and provision of the information on this website has been made in good faith from sources that are believed to be reliable. However, visitors to the site are advised that:

  • Porirua City Council does not invite any visitor to this website to act or omit an action based upon any information within this website. The use of any such information is entirely at the visitor's own risk and discretion.
  • Porirua City Council does not give any warranty that any information contained is accurate and does not accept any responsibility or liability for any action taken or omission made as a result of reading or reliance placed on the Council because of having read part or all of this website or any linked sites or for any error or inadequacy in the information contained in this website or any linked sites.
  • A number of external links have been included on pages of this site for additional information. While all due care has been taken in choosing these links, the Council is not responsible for the contents or reliability of the linked sites and does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in them. Further we do not guarantee that these links will work, as we have no control over the availability of linked pages.

Design and Production

The website was designed by Pogo Designs in conjunction with HairyLemon, and developed by Optimation NZ Ltd. This version of the website went live on Wednesday 11 February 2009.

Web Standard Compliance

This website substantially complies with the New Zealand Government Web Standards where possible for local authorities. There is no user-generated content or user login features requiring authentication currently available on the site.


When you print a page from this website you will only print out the content panel. All the navigation links and the search box will be left out, saving you paper. The printout will have the Council logo and contact details on it for your information. You will also notice that the content fits the width of the paper.

Searching this website

To search for a page about a specific topic, type your keyword in the search box on the Home Page, or use the A-Z for Services or Publications.

Website Statistics

All Porirua City Council websites use Google Analytics to gather statistics and report on visitor behaviour. This information is used to help us improve our sites and methods of communication. It also helps us identify the level of engagement of our visitors, and plan future investment in our sites.

Contact details

For enquiries and more information about the contents of this website, please contact:

Web Content Coordinator
Porirua City Council
PO Box 50218
Porirua 5240
New Zealand

Email: webmaster@pcc.govt.nz