Local Cycling Groups

This page describes local cycling groups and cycling advocates in the Porirua and Wellington area.

Cycling groups in Porirua

Mana Cycle Group

A Porirua wide group who work to promote and advocate for cycling in all its forms within the region.  Contact Details: See their Facebook page for more information.

New Zealand Green Bike Trust

The New Zealand Green Bike Trust aims to provide sustainable and affordable transport in the form of new and recycled bicycles.

The key goals of the Trust are:

  • Transforming Porirua into a city of cyclists
  • Providing environmentally sustainable transport
  • Promoting the benefits of cycling

This is achieved by the following activities:

  • Recycling bikes for the community
  • Providing rental bikes for tertiary students
  • Providing a trailer and bikes for rent
  • Providing a Business Rental Programme

Contact Details: Email: info@nzgreenbikes.co.nz
Web Page:  http://www.nzgreenbikes.co.nz/
Mail Address: New Zealand Green Bike Trust, PO Box 50122, Porirua City.

Cycling groups in Wellington Region

Bike Wellington

Cycling in Wellington is a community-oriented website that exists for the sole purpose of encouraging people to ride bikes and have fun doing it.

Web page: http://www.bikewellington.co.nz/

Cycle Aware Wellington

A group dedicated to making cycling in Wellington enjoyable.

Web page: http://can.org.nz/wellington/