Skateboard Parks

This page describes the skateboarding areas in Porirua City and their use/restrictions.

Porirua Skatepark, Norrie Street

The Porirua Skate Park is situated on Te Rauparaha Park, between Pataka and the Te Rauparaha Arena.

A gigantic 900 square metre area consisting of one smooth bowl, banks, rails, grinders and fun boxes for extra air time. This is a must see! Bring your board, bike, blades, and of course your mates to catch some serious air. The skate park is open, spacious and floodlit at night. It is easy to get to being adjacent to a bus stop and only 5 minutes walk from the Porirua railway station.

Porirua Skatepark - Taniwha.
The 3D taniwha - Te Awarua-o-Porirua - dominates the 'skatescape'.

Featuring the Harbour Taniwha - Te Awarua-o-Porirua - this art work is the largest 3D image of its kind in the southern hemisphere. The overall work is best viewed from the northern end of the skate park, while the fiery skate bowl is sure to be an additional hit.

Porirua Skatepark - fiery bowl.
The fiery skate bowl.

If you are interested in brushing up on your knowledge of the mythology around Te Awarua-o-Porirua, and the 'cause' of the Harbour and Mana Island, you can check it out at this link.

The skatepark won first place for the Best Professional Mural in the 2016 Resene Mural Masterpieces Awards.

Whitby Skatepark (Adventure Park)

This park area located in the Adventure Park carpark in Discovery Drive near the Whitby Shopping Centre. It is 30 metres long and 14 metres wide and features curved and straight ramps (but no deep bowl). There are various levels of flats, with steps and rails between levels. The park includes nightlighting that shuts off at a specific time (usually 10pm). A basketball backboard and marked key for shooting practice also feature.

Pukerua Bay Skatepark

In Muri Road next to the Railway Station, there's a large skatepark, as shown in the photos below.

View of Pukerua Bay Skatepark.
View of Pukerua Bay Skatepark.
View of Pukerua Bay Skatepark.
View of Pukerua Bay Skatepark.

Sievers Grove Playground

A small skateboard bowl behind the basketball court in Sievers Grove.

GIS Maps

Go to our GIS mapping system to view the location for any of these parks. Turn on the "Leisure & Recreation" layer, then "Skateparks".

Skateboards - Use and Restrictions

Definition of skateboard and bylaws

  • SKATEBOARD means a wheeled device controlled or propelled by gravity or by the muscular energy of the rider, including roller skates, in-line skates, or similar recreational devices. The definition does not include any wheelchair, baby or invalid carriage or bicycles or mobility scooters.
  • Porirua City Council values the benefits that leisure and recreation activities can have for individuals, families and the community as a whole. It provides for and facilitates leisure environments and facilities that will enhance the quality of life in the city.
  • This includes the provision of skateboarding facilities to meet the needs of the City youth.
  • The growth in popularity of skateboarding, skating and the use of scooters has given rise to some public concerns regarding the issues of safety, anti-social behaviour and property damage.
  • Porirua City Council has an important role in managing and maintaining skate facilities and balancing the needs of skaters with those of the wider community.
  • This is achieved through the provision of community skateboard parks throughout the city.

Restriction on Skateboard Use in Public Areas

  • The term "skateboarding" used here refers to the devices defined as being a "Skateboard".
  • The main issues with skateboarding in public places are:
    • Noise.
    • Abuse and intimidation of pedestrians, shoppers and shop keepers.
    • Public safety.
    • Property damage
    • General anti-social behaviour.
  • The main locations in which problems have been experienced are the Central Business District and both the Titahi Bay and Cannons Creek shopping centres.

Reporting Skateboard Nuisances

  • To report a skateboard nuisance call:
    • Council's Environmental Standards Centre on (04) 237 5089; or
    • The Police at other times.

Reclaiming an Impounded Skateboard

  • To reclaim an impounded skateboard:
    • Download and complete the application form from the link below
    • Deliver the completed form personally to the Customers Services Counter, Porirua City Council Administration Building, Cobham Court, Porirua City. When you do this have with you:
      • proof of identity
      • proof of ownership or entitlement to possession of the impounded skateboard
      • the impounding fee
    • Unclaimed skate boards, skates or scooters will be disposed of in manner considered appropriate in each case.

Link to more skateboarding information