Click to view the Porirua City Walking and Cycling Tracks Brochure, 5MB pdf. Other Porirua Walkways

This page lists the other Porirua Walkways featured on the "Walking and Cycling Tracks in Porirua City" brochure (5MB 2 page pdf). They are listed in suburb and number order. You can also view them on the Porirua Pathfinder maps.

Titahi Bay

13. Titahi Bay Beach. This is a good surfing beach, and occasionally during the year at low tide, remnants of a subfossil forest can be visible at the ends of Titahi Bay Beach.

View of Titahi Bay Beach.
View of Titahi Bay beach.


14. Porirua Scenic Reserve. This is the largest native forest reserve in Porirua. Links to Track 11 and Track 15.

View of Raiha Walkway boardwalk.
View of Raiha Walkway boardwark.

15. Raiha Walkway. This is a track between Raiha Street, Matiu Close and the City Centre, with created wetland and established trees that attract tuis and wood pigeons. The walkway provides a pleasant scenic walk on the doorsteps of the City Centre. Takes 20 minutes one way. Links to Track 11.

City Centre

View of streamside walkway near Pirates Cove.
View of streamside walkway near Pirates Cove.

16. Streamside Park Pathways. This is a 1.7 kilometre pathway along Porirua Stream from Kenepuru Drive to Wi Neera Drive and links to pathway on Ramp Bridge over State Highway One. Takes 20 minutes.

Eastern Suburbs

17. Thompson Gully Reserve. This is a grass track linking Champion Street with Mungavin Avenue. 0.6 kilometres, 15 minutes.

18. Cannons Creek Park. This is a grassed sportsfield area that connects the Cannons Creek Shops to Bothamley Park. There is no formed path. 0.9 kilometres. Takes 10 minutes.

19. Cannons Creek Lakes. These walkways wind around lakes full of bird life amongst regenerating forest. Wheelchair access is possible with help. Links with Track 10, Track 18 and Track 38.

View of Cannons Creek Pathway.
View of Cannons Creek lake.

Pukerua Bay

20. The Secret Valley Walk. A short 200 metre walk in bush with sculptures.

21. Raroa Walkway. This is a gentle climb through a small forest of Kohekohe trees emerging on to spectacular cliffside views of Kapiti Island and coast. 0.8 kilometres return. Takes 30 minutes.

22. Wairaka Walkway. A 9.2 kilometre coastal route from Pukerua Bay Beach to Moana Road, Plimmerton. The middle section is a shingle beach. On clear days, views of Kapiti Island, Mana Island and the South Island are possible. Near Wairaka rock you need to climb over rocks if there is a high tide. We suggest you park your car at Plimmerton or Pukerua Bay Station and catch the train to the opposite station, then walk back around the coast going with the wind. Takes 4.5 hours one way. Visit Metlink's website for train and bus timetables.

View showing start of Wairaka Walkway at Pukerua Bay.
View of Wairaka walkway at Pukerua Bay.


23. Karehana Bay Scenic Reserve. This is a 370 metre track that descends through a mature remnant of native Kohekohe forest. Links to Track 2 or Plimmerton shops via Plimmerton Promenade, Track 24.

24. Plimmerton Promenade. This is a wide promenade along the coatline with stunning views and access to sandy beaches and rock pools. Links to Track 1, Track 22 and Track 23.


25. Golden Gate. This is a low tide 2.3 kilometre walk around the peninsula offering inlet views. Rugged footwea is needed as you will be walking across tidal rocks and sand. Park at Ivey Bay and use the underpass to access the foreshore. Takes 40 minutes in a loop.

26. Ivey Bay Walkway. CLOSED due to major slip from November 2016 storms.  This walkway zigzags to Kiriwai Road through manuka forest, or you can follow the track up through regenerating native forest to Kahu Road for views of the entrance to Porirua Harbour. 0.75 kilometres. Takes 15 minutes.

27. Carvel Lane Walkway. This is a walkway through regenerating manuka forest. It links Postgate Drive with Carvel Lane and Kahu Road. 0.7 kilometres, and takes 15 minutes. Links to Track 26 along Kahu Road.

28. Spinnaker Walkway. This is a series of connecting paths; at the top there are panoramic views spanning almost all of Whitby, Mana and Pauatahanui Inlet. Takes 30 minutes to the lookout from the Whitby Walkway.

29. Quarterdeck Lookout. This 450 metre path links the Quarterdeck, Meridian Way, The Topdeck and The Lookout. Takes 10 minutes.

30. The Village Walkway. This is an 800 metre path that links Endeavour Park with the Whitby Shops and Whitby Walkway. Takes 10 minutes.

31. Whitby Lakeside Paths. This is a 1.5 kilometre walk around manicured lower lake and then across Discovery Drive to the natural bushclad upper lake. Takes 20 minutes one way. Grade is easy, but wheelchair access is restricted. Links to Track 7 and Track 32.

View showing pathway around Whitby's lower lake.
View of Whitby's Lakeside Paths.

32. The Skyline Route. This is a 1.4 kilometre walkway via The Mainsail through regenerating forest to Adventure Drive. Follow the ridge line behind Cleat Street and Stemhead Lane to the reservoir for extensive views. Takes 25 minutes one way.

Battle Hill Farm Forest Park

33. A Greater Wellington Regional park with a selection of walks, bike and horse riding tracks from farm paddocks to forests. There are many suitable spots for picnicking and superb views of Pauatahanui from the summit of Battle Hill. Overnight camping is encourated so you can hear the moreporks. Visit Greater Wellington's Battle Hill web page for more information.

Battle Hill is a Kiwi Guardian site where families can run a "treasure hunt" by obtaining a map from

You can also watch the building progress on the Transmission Gully Motorway from the lookout.


View of Battle Hill Forest Farm looking south.
View of Battle Hill Farm Forest park looking south.

Papakowhai/Ascot Park/Aotea

34. Conclusion/Ascot Park Walkway. Start at Whitford Brown Avenue, traverse along the ridgeline around Doncaster Terrace, returning to Whitford Brown Avenue via Ascot Park. There are good views over both arms of Porirua Harbour. The grade is moderate, the walk is 3.2 kilometres, and it takes one hour in a loop. Links to Track 10 and Track 37.

35. Papakowhai Walkways. This is a 1.8 kilometre network of short, easy walkways through tracts of native bush. The gradient is easy to moderate.

36. Gear Homestead. A half-kilometre walk through native forest, old pines and gardens at the old Colonial Homestead, that is available for hire. Visit our Gear Homestead page for more information.

View of Gear Homestead.
View of Gear Homestead.

37. The Dales Pathway. This 1.3 kilometre path takes 15 minutes one way. It links Aotea to Bothamley Park through regenerating bush. Links to Track 10 and Track 34.

Belmont Regional Park

38. Belmont Regional Park managed by Greater Wellington Regional Council is located on the hills between Porirua and the Hutt Valley, offering vast open spaces and panoramic hilltop views. There are a large number of walking and cycling options including the Maara Roa Walk. Visit Greater Wellington's Belmont Regional Park web page for more information.

Te Araroa: Pukerua Bay to Paekakariki Escarpment Trail

This 10 km trail is part of the national trail that covers the length of New Zealand from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

This challenging trail offers stunning elevated views from the escarpment along the coast between Pukerua Bay and Paekakariki. It is steep and narrow and is exposed to the weather, so careful preparation is required. The trail is not suitable for very young children, or people who are unsteady on their feet and a good level of fitness is essential. It takes about 3-5 hours to walk the trail one-way.

See our Te Araroa page for information and photos, and refer to

Environment Code

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  • Remove rubbish
  • Keep to the track
  • Consider other people
  • Clean up after your dog


We hope you enjoy our other Porirua walkways and tracks, and have the opportunity to complete them all. Fill in our online feedback form with ideas for improvements, or reporting any issues or problems you encountered.