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This page describes the Bothamley Park Development Project, and explains what's happening in the park.

The Bothamley Park Restoration Project

Porirua City Council began a major parks project to develop Bothamley Park in 2010.

  • The park is going to be the second biggest reserve in the City at approximately 107 hectares which is over a million square metres and bigger than a square kilometre.
  • Due to the size of the park it will become a “Million Plant Park” with over 1 million plants in the park.
  • The project is a seven year development programme that started in the 2010/11 financial year, with a budget of $800,000 spread over the seven years. Extra funding is being sought.
  • The aim of the project is to enhance the park and this falls under four broad categories. They are: Water, Heritage, Environment and Recreation.
  • There will be community education, involvement and local employment with this park restoration and development project.
  • It will provide pathway connections that link Ranui, Cannons Creek, Waitangirua, Ascot Park, Whitby (via Ascot Park), Aotea and central Porirua City.
  • The Aotea subdivision is adding large areas of reserve land to Bothamley Park with developers Carrus Corporation also doing some development work such as stream planting to enhance it.

About Bothamley Park

Bothamley Park - view of old road.The Park is centred around the main pathway that runs through the park.

It is three metres wide with a compacted gravel surface. Now it is called the Bothamley Pathway but is known to older residents of the City simply as the "Old Road".

In earlier maps of the City, this road was the access for farms in the area before the Housing NZ development occurred in the 1950's. It was referred to in maps as Takapu Road North and before that it was shown as Thompsons Road.

Today this old road provides a gentle access amongst the trees, up the valley besides the Kenepuru Stream. It connects most of the eastern suburbs to the City centre and railway station. The average gradient of the road from Ascot Park to the City centre is 1 in 40 which is very gentle which makes it perfect for walking, running and cycling.

Bothamley Park will be Porirua's second largest reserve at more than 107 hectares once all the reserve land from the Aotea subdivision is vested with Council.

The park has over 5kms of existing shared walk/cycle pathways, which form the main connections from Mepham Place to Warspite Avenue in Ascot Park. These are a gentle gradient and it is ideal for cyclists and pedestrians.

At one stage the eastern part of the park was earmarked as a potential highway corridor route.

New pathways, together with the existing walkways will provide a large recreational asset for Porirua that will provide walking and cycling links to the central city and rail station for residents of Ranui, Cannons Creek, Waitangirua, Ascot Park, Whitby and Aotea.

Project Development Categories

1. Water

Bothamley Park - stream.There are 7kms of significant waterways within the park. Kenepuru Stream runs through the park and is fed by the tributaries of Cannons Creek stream, and other streams that originate from the southeast via Waihora Park, Ascot Park and the valley at the eastern end of Aotea Block.

One of the most important improvements to Bothamley Park will be riverbank stabilisation, the stream banks on the parks waterways are being eroded, with the resulting silt going into Kenepuru Stream, and through Porirua Stream into Porirua Harbour. So any work to enhance Kenepuru Stream will benefit the Porirua Harbour.

Other projects being considered are:

  • Reducing fish passage barriers
  • Planting native riparian plants
  • Reducing siltation of the stream water
  • Removal of rubbish in streams
  • Enhancement of water quality

2. Heritage

  • Researching more about the natural and built heritage of the park and expressing it through signage and appropriate art works.
  • Restoration of the natural processes in areas

Bothamley Park - fern.3. Environment

  • Improving and speeding up the native revegetation occurring, particularly along the northern escarpment.
  • Weed control in selected areas
  • Encouraging more native birds and fishes in the park
  • Creating wildlife corridors along the stream to link the catchment from Belmont Regional Park to the Harbour.

4. Recreation

  • Enhancing pathway connections through the park by improving the existing pathway surfaces and drainage
  • Promoting natural play utilising the existing exotic woodland plantings.
  • Increasing the recreational opportunities in the park.
  • Provision of fruit/nut trees and pine cones as community harvesting resources and for educational purposes.
  • Working with local groups towards increasing appropriate recreation.

What’s been happening in the Park

  • Entrances were upgraded at Castor Crescent, Champion Street, Lincoln Grove, Bellona Street, Waihemo Street, Warspite Avenue.
  • New riparian planting has been established along the Kenepuru Stream upstream of Champion Street entrance.
  • A report produced on the Kenepuru Stream which identifies opportunities to enhance the stream.
  • Community litter tidy ups are being carried out throughout the park.
  • Clearance of fallen trees after the large storm events.
  • Installation of banner signs on poles at the entrances.
  • Spraying blackberry and tradescantia weeds throughout the park, in preparation for native plant establishment.
  • Staff from BNZ have planted native trees on the Bank’s “Closed for Good Day“ for the last two years and will be back again this year. 
  • The Aotea Conservation Group have been clearing gorse and planting native trees in the valley at the eastern end of Aotea Block
  • A Community Blackberry Harvest area has been created in the park.  In addition a Blackberry Festival was organised by a group of residents from the Castor Loop area.
  • The “Conservation Volunteers” organisation is working with the Council and the community on this park. They assisted with the BNZ Closed for Good Day and a number of rubbish clean up event.

Bothamley Park - Conservation Volunteers. Bothamley Park - Conservation Volunteers. Bothamley Park - Conservation Volunteers.

  • Fish surveys have discovered a rare short jaw kokopu native fish living in the stream in the park. Other native fish species were found throughout the park.

Bothamley Park - runners.

  • Establishment of the Parkrun event in Bothamley Park. This 5km run is part of an international series of runs held in Parks around the world. It is a free event that gives participants the opportunity to take part in a timed, gentle graded run/walk through a park setting away from cars. The event has been running since mid-winter in 2013 and is attracting on average 81 people every Saturday morning to do the run/walk. It starts in the Champion Street car park, at 8am every Saturday. Register online first to get your paper barcode. Many runners comment on how sheltered the park is from the wind. Due to valley running east to west and the plentiful mature trees.


Involvement of Community Art Groups

  • Mana Art Society held a sketching workshop in the Park

Bothamley Park - Mana Art Society sketcher.

Where to from here?

  • Weed clearance has been ongoing throughout the park.  The main species targeted have been Blackberry and Tradescantia.  In addition spot targeting of Old Mans Beard, Banana Passionfruit, Hawthorn, Bind Weed, Cotoneaster and Japanese Honeysuckle has been occuring throughout the park. To control blackberry effectively it requires it to be sprayed, then mulched early summer and then a second spray occurring in late summer in order for these areas to be planted in winter.
  • Track upgrading has occurred throughout the park.  the remaining area to be addressed is the area downstream of the Champion Street carpark.  
  • New internal park directory signage will be installed to guide people using the park
  • Consent will be sought from Greater Wellington for stream bank stabilisation works and then implemented in stages.

Bothamley Park Map

You can view a map of Bothamley Park as a pdf map showing the existing pathways. Please go to our Bothamley Pathway Top 12 track webpage for more information.

Bothamley Park - stream.

Please go to our Bothamley Pathway Top 12 Track webpage for more information.



The Council has commissioned three reports that relate to Bothamley Park and the Kenepuru Stream that runs through the park.

1. Biodiversity Survey and Fish Passage Assessments for the Kenepuru Stream and Karehana Stream, Porirua (7.7MB pdf)

2. Bird Monitoring and Habitat Enchancement Options for Bothamley Park (3.8MB pdf)

3. Management Priorities for the Kenepuru Stream (4.9MB pdf)


Bothamley Park - Green Heart.