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Porirua City Centre Revitalisation

The Porirua City Centre Revitalisation project is key to creating a more prosperous city and as such is Porirua City Council’s top priority.

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What is the City Centre Revitalisation Project all about?

This project is all about supporting the growth of local businesses by making a positive change to Porirua’s city centre.

A vibrant city centre is a fun place for all, especially families.
A vibrant city centre is a fun place for all, especially families.

Our vision is to revive the city’s heart by providing exciting new attractions for our community to enjoy.  This will benefit local businesses by offering a wider range of jobs, inner city living and a family friendly vibe.

Porirua City Council is investing more than $18 million over 10 years to get the project started.  This will support the changes to infrastructure and public spaces in the city centre to help create an environment that supports investment in revitalisation.

To achieve our goals, strong partnerships need to be created between the Council, local businesses, investors and the community.

Retail therapy is always enjoyable but even more so in a thriving city centre.
Retail therapy is always enjoyable but even more so in a thriving city centre.

Four quarters that complete the picture

This revitalisation project is focussed on four areas or quarters within the city centre.

City Centre Revitalisation Quarters logo.

Each quarter will have a distinct identity and offering.  The revitalisation will bring these offerings to life and enable residents and visitors to make the most of what Porirua’s city centre has to offer.

The Streamside Quarter: This is the first area being transformed over the next five to ten years and is at the heart of the new improved city centre.  The area will attract high quality businesses including bars and eateries.  The creation of a new high quality public space adjacent to the Porirua Stream will add to the attraction and transformation of the area.  View our Streamside Quarter page.

Cobham Court Area (formerly The Market Quarter): This includes the space under the canopies and Cobham Court.  Transforming  this area will see it become even more of a hub for great shopping with its high quality weekend market. View our Cobham Court Area page.

The Leisure Quarter: This focuses on the leisure and arts activities of the city with its main draw cards being Te Rauparaha Arena and Pataka.  Longer term there will be a focus on attracting more events and more active use of the green space with better connections for pedestrians to the city centre and harbour.

The Harbour Quarter: This area showcases Porirua’s natural landscape and celebrates the harbour as its focal point.  Initiatives for this quarter are longer term and include looking for investor and developer opportunities that will add value to the city centre, a boulevard providing better connections to the city centre, and a restored harbour’s edge.

Image showing the 4 quarters of the city centre.
Diagram showing the four quarters of the city centre.  View larger on-screen image (jpg).

The quarters adjoin the Mega Centre and North City Shopping Centre which are also key parts of the city centre.  These entities already have their own distinct identities and branding so they stand alongside rather than within the quarters.

City-wide initiatives

Some of the initiatives happening in the City Centre Revitalisation project affect all four quarters – the Parking Strategy is one of these.


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