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Porirua City Centre Revitalisation

The Porirua City Centre Revitalisation project is key to creating a more prosperous city and as such is Porirua City Council’s top priority.

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What is the City Centre Revitalisation Project all about?

This project is all about supporting the growth of local businesses and enhancing the public spaces to make a positive change to Porirua’s city centre.

A vibrant city centre is a fun place for all, especially families.
A vibrant city centre is a fun place for all, especially families.

Our vision is to revive the city’s heart by providing exciting new attractions for our community to enjoy.  This will benefit local businesses by offering a wider range of jobs, inner city living and a family friendly vibe.

Porirua City Council is investing more than $18 million over 10 years for this project.  This will support the changes to infrastructure and public spaces in the city centre to help create an environment that supports investment in revitalisation.

To achieve our goals, strong partnerships need to be created between the Council, local businesses, investors and the community.

In partnership with the Council, the Porirua Chamber of Commerce has a programme of initiatives and events to attract businesses to the city centre, and to provide activities for everyone to enjoy.

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For further information about this project contact:

Jane Black
City Centre Revitalisation Coordinator
(04) 237 5089

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