Annual Plan 2017-18

When the community gave their feedback last year on the Annual Plan 2016-17 we made a number of changes, some of which included:

  • Achieving a lower rates increase of 3.3% than the 5.03% proposed by changing some levels of service such as discontinuing the inorganic waste collection service and closing the main Porirua Library on public holidays; and
  • Introduced the Living Wage for those earning close to minimum wage.

The upcoming Annual Plan 2017-18 represents the third year of the Long-term Plan 2015-25 with a forecast rate increase of 5.03%. It will be largely business as usual as we look ahead to the next 10 year plan in 2018.

How are we getting there?

Our annual plans require preparation and engagement with our community and stakeholders. Please see our timetable below for the upcoming Annual Plan 2017-18:

Key Activity Date
Public consultation Monday 3 April - Monday 1 May 2017
Hearing of submissions Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 May 2017
Deliberation and final changes to Annual Plan 2017-18 agreed by Council Thursday 8 June 2017
Annual Plan 2017-18 adopted by Council Wednesday 28 June 2017
Final Annual Plan published July 2017

We will continue to update you in the lead up to the formal consultation period in April so watch this space. If you have any questions relating to the Annual Plan 2017-18 please contact us at

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