District Plan Review

Help us shape the future of the city

Porirua City Council is reviewing the District Plan; the plan that affects what you and your neighbours can do on your properties.

We do it once every 10 years so this is our chance to get it right.

The review is being done in three stages over five years and there will be many opportunities to have your say.

We have recently completed Stage 1 collating feedback received on the 12 discussion documents we released on 27 October 2015 and the public workshops we held in November 2015. This feedback is informing the preparation of a Draft District Plan.

What is the District Plan?

Under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA), every territorial authority (city or district council) must have a District Plan. It contains guidance and rules about how you can use and develop your land.

For many people the District Plan goes unnoticed until they want to start a new activity or redevelop a property.

Common ways the District Plan can affect your property

  • How close to the boundary you can build or extend your house, garage or other building
  • How many dwellings you can have on your property and how big they can be
  • Whether you can subdivide your property
  • Whether there are any 'special values' relating to your property
  • Whether you can operate a business from your home
  • How much native vegetation you can remove
  • Where and how businesses can operate.

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Why are we reviewing the District Plan?

The Porirua District Plan has been in place since the late 1990s. Since then the city has grown, developed and changed. We must review all the provisions in the District Plan every 10 years to ensure it is up to date with what's happening in the city and to incorporate recent changes to legislation and national and regional policies. Over the last few years we have been reviewing parts of our plan. We are now focussing on a more comprehensive review of the rest of the plan.

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What is being reviewed?

The District Plan review is an opportunity to reconsider everything in the District Plan.

We are not exactly starting from scratch, but we are using the existing District Plan’s provisions as a starting point. If the review finds we need to completely reconsider our approach to a particular issue, then we will do that. The review process is set out in the RMA.

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How is the review being carried out?

The District Plan review is happening in three stages:

In Stage 1 we:

  • Released 12 discussion documents on key issues and proposed rule changes, (from 27 October – 18 December 2015)
  • Consulted with the public through community workshops; consulting statutory bodies, Ngāti Toa and major stakeholders (in November 2015)
  • Are giving notice to Requiring and Heritage Protection Authorities.

This stage is focused on ensuring we have identified the right issues and options. This will help us focus the plan review on what is important to our community. The feedback on the discussion documents will be summarised for the Council’s consideration.

In Stage 2 we will:

  • Prepare a draft District Plan, building on the feedback that we received on the discussion documents
  • Consult with the public, statutory bodies, Ngāti Toa, major stakeholders, Requiring and Heritage Protection authorities.
  • Summarise the feedback on the draft for the Council to consider.

In Stage 3 we will:

  • Prepare and publicly notify a Proposed District Plan. This will happen after the Council has made decisions based on feedback on the Draft Plan. We intend to notify the Proposed Plan in 2019.
  • After notifying the Proposed District Plan, the District Plan review will follow the process set out in Schedule 1 of the RMA). In summary, this involves:
    • a public submission and further submission period
    • public hearings
    • release of decisions and
    • An appeal period.

Complementary work that is informing the review

Over the last few years, we have been undertaking work that we will be using to assist us in the review. Some of this work includes:

We also have statutory obligations under the RMA that we need to meet through the review of the District Plan.

Discussion documents

You can read and download the 12 discussion documents below (all in pdf format) which we released for feedback over October-December 2015:

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Community meetings

We held three community workshops and one workshop with the development community in November 2015. You can view and download the Council presentations below:

We also presented a map showing the proposed rural zones at the Judgeford and Plimmerton meetings. This map was presented as an option and is indicative only, and is not Council policy.

Feedback from Discussion Documents and Community Meetings

The Council received feedback from 45 individuals or organisations on the discussion documents. The Council also took notes at the four workshops it held in November 2015.

You can read and download a summary of the feedback on the discussion documents and the wider District Plan review below.

Further reports and analysis

As part of the Plan Review process, the Council may commission reports on particular issues from time to time and these will be made available as they are produced.

The purpose of these reports is to assist the Council and the community with exploring options for addressing planning issues in the draft District Plan.  The content of these reports may or may not reflect the Council’s final approach in the draft District Plan.

You can view and download the reports produced to-date below:

Analysis for mapping new zones in the rural area

Further reports may be added to from time to time.


If you have any questions or would like to talk to someone, please contact us on dpreview@pcc.govt.nz.