Have your say about dogs

We’re seeking your views on dog control in Porirua and your feedback about the idea of a fenced dog park.

Consultation is open from 5pm 16 June to 14 July 2017 and you can have your say online (using the forms below), by email, or by post.

On 1 June 2017, the Council’s City Delivery Committee agreed to consult on these documents (their appearance has changed since the meeting):

Dog Control Policy and Bylaw - Proposed Changes

We’re asking what you think about the proposed changes to local rules for managing dogs in our policy and bylaw.

Your feedback is invited on the proposals to:

  • add six new off-leash dog exercise areas
  • remove two dog exercise areas
  • extend the time dogs are allowed on the main city beaches by one month
  • change some existing exercise areas
  • require compulsory neutering of dogs classified as menacing by breed/type
  • making it easier to get and keep ‘responsible dog owner’ status
  • put the smaller ‘Pooper-Scooper’ Bylaw in the main Dog Control Bylaw

Your views on the Dog Control Policy and Dog Control Bylaw will help inform the completion of the documents toward their final adoption by the Council by September 2017.

Fenced dog park

We would also like to hear what you think about having a fenced dog park in Porirua. The Council has had enquiries from dog owners and special interest dog groups about providing these facilities.

A successful fenced dog park will need to be consistent with the Council’s Reserves Management Plan and bylaws and will generally be:

  • appropriately located (eg fair placement in the community; avoid conflicting activities such as distance to residential or office and industrial activities; protects natural areas)
  • supported by safe and sufficient off-street parking
  • a safe environment overall, with good visibility in the park and good lighting for people and dogs
  • well drained
  • an adequate size (recommended size is 4000m2 or 4 hectares)
  • mixed terrain (flat areas, slopes, steeper parts etc)
  • well planted, including trees providing shelter and shade
  • supplied with clean drinking water facilities
  • appropriately seated for people
  • supplied with rubbish and dog waste bins
  • fitted with appropriate exercise equipment.

Funding the construction and maintenance of a fenced dog park needs to be considered. As this type of facility is specifically for dogs and dog owners, a user-pays approach might be appropriate.

However, a case could also be made that there is a broader community benefit with dogs being able to safely run off leash with no safety or nuisance concerns for non-dog owners. In that case, funding from general rates might apply. Alternatively, there could be a mix of funding.

Have your say by email

You can email your submission to: submissions@pcc.govt.nz

  • type ‘consultdogs’ in the subject line if your submission is on changes to the Dog Control Policy or Bylaw
  • type ‘dogparks’ in the subject line if your comments are on fenced dog parks
  • type ‘consultdogs and dogparks’ in the subject line if your submission is on both topics

Your submission must include:

  • your contact details (email and phone number), and
  • whether you wish to speak at a public hearing

Have your say by post

You can write to the Council with your:

  • views and responses to the questions
  • your contact details (email and phone number)
  • whether you wish to speak at a public hearing

and address your letter to:

Dog Control Bylaw/Policy Review or Fenced Dog Parks
Porirua City Council
PO Box 50218

What happens with my views?

Information provided as part of the public submissions process becomes part of the public record. We are required under the Local Government Act 2002 to publish all submissions. All information provided will be publically available.

How will I find out what happens?

There will be a Council meeting to consider the outcome of submissions and hearings. If you provided your contact details, the Council will contact you to let you know what the decisions are. We will also share the information with you via a news release, and on our website and social media.

Where else can I find this information?

The Statement of Proposal, Draft Policy and Bylaw are available at the Council Administration Building reception corner of Cobham Court and Hagley Street, Council Depot at Prosser Street and city libraries.