Proposed Cableway for Aotea Lagoon

The lease for a proposed wakeboard cableway at Aotea Lagoon has been approved by the Minister of Conservation. The decision by DOC confirms that the process the Council has followed under the Reserves Act 1977 has been sound. The only variation to the lease proposal is for Council and the applicant to discuss the option of having one building on the lagoon site for this activity.

Along with the commercial wakeboard cableway, the lease to Aquacom NZ Ltd includes a cafe, pro-shop and office for a period of 9 years with two rights of renewal for six years.

The ministerial consent is subject to:

a)      the conditions of lease set by PCC

b)      the applicant getting the necessary resource and building consents

c)      Council and the applicant discussing the option of having one multipurpose building as opposed to two separate buildings

d)      The consent to the granting of a Reserves Act lease shall not prejudice or affect the rights of the Director-General in relation to any position that the Director General may take with regards to any resource consent application that may be made by Council or Aquacom Ltd in respect to the construction and operation of the proposed activity.

  • Council Report 23 July 2010 - Proposed Cableway for Aotea Lagoon (258KB pdf)

The Statutory Decision Making Process

The statutory decision making process is as follows for Aotea Lagoon Cableway:

1. Formal application received by Council officers
2. Council agrees for officers to consult on the proposal
3. Publicly notify the proposal and receive submissions (6 March until 15 April 2010)
4. Submissions reviewed and hearings held  (17-20 May 2010)
5. Council decides whether to send a summary of submissions and a recommendation to the Minister of Conservation for his approval (5 August 2010)
6. Minister of Conservation decides whether to approve this proposal (18 January 2011)
7. If approved, the applicant would need to apply for resource consent and building consent


The applicant has provided the following information which outlines Aquacom NZ plans for the proposed Wakeboard Cableway at Aotea Lagoon.

The appendix to this information document can be viewed from the following individual files in pdf format, and images below:


These photos have been provided by the applicant showing examples of what the cableway would look like at Aotea Lagoon.

View of Proposed Aotea Lagoon Cableway looking south from Rocky Point.

Above and below: Views looking south from Rocky Point, showing buildings in background, cables and one of the ramps

View of Proposed Aotea Lagoon Cableway from Rocky Point.


View of Proposed Aotea Lagoon Cableway from main entrance, looking north.

Above: View looking north from the main entrance to Aotea Lagoon

Aerial view of Proposed Aotea Lagoon Cableway.

Above: Aerial view showing layout of cableway and location of buildings at Aotea Lagoon.