Assessment of Water and Sanitary Services 2012

The Assessment of Water and Sanitary Services 2012 describes the various assets, levels of service, assesses risks and forecasts demand for the water and sanitary services within the Porirua City.  The assessment is a statutory requirement under the Local Government Act (2002). 

98% of Porirua City’s population have fully reticulated water, wastewater and stormwater services.  Reticulated drinking water is of a high standard and reticulated wastewater is treated to a tertiary level at an appropriate treatment facility.  In urban areas of Porirua, stormwater run-off is disposed of in a controlled and safe manner.

The assessment considers future levels of demand for services and identifies a number of options for Council to continue to enhance future service delivery or act to mitigate areas of potential risk.  Consequently, the assessment sets out the Council’s views on suitable options to meet the current and future demands for services.  The assessment notes that Council’s proposed future role in delivering water services will remain essentially unchanged, but will be more proactive than in the past.

A number of proposals for meeting current and future demands are put up for discussion with the community including:

  • Long term public education and awareness activities to conserve potable drinking water supplies;
  • long term public education and awareness of the whole water cycle and the effects of  numerous uses on the health of our waterways and harbours;
  • public awareness activities to promote better rural drinking water quality;
  • actions to improve the quality of stormwater discharges;
  • actions to improve the quality of water discharging to our harbours and beaches;
  • long term strategy to reduce risks to services from extreme natural hazards or events; and
  • measures to maximise the life of assets while managing the risks of early failure.

Download and print Assessment of Water and Sanitary Services (3.1MB pdf)

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