Asset Management Plans

This page describes the Council's Asset Management Plans, and has links to download each plan in pdf format.

Porirua's Asset Management Plans (AMPs) have been finalised as part of the Council's 2015-25 Long Term Plan process.

Section 101B of the Local Government Amendment Act 2014 requires Councils to include in their Long Term Plan, information that shows that the Council's strategic assets are managed in a manner that is efficient, effective, and appropriate to present and anticipated future circumstances.  This information is presented in Council's Infrastructure Strategy and Asset Management Plans.

The AMPs also include a defined methodology for planned maintenance and asset replacement as well as a forecast of the expected costs to maintain and replace the assets.  The documents are reviewed cyclically (typically at least every three years) to ensure they remain relevant.
The Asset Management Plans have been developed for the following seven asset classes:
Reviewed and updated to June 2015 (all in pdf format)

The Asset Management Plans have been developed in accordance with the National Asset Management Steering (NAMS) Guidelines.  They include forecasted population growth, the level of service expected by the customers, the condition of the asset, planned maintenance and replacement which ensures a complete and consistent approach to the long term planning of assets.

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