Operative District Plan Change 1 – Above Ground Network Utility Lines



Plan Change 1 sets controls for managing the effects of new above ground network utility lines in Porirua City.

Statutory Process

Following notification, submissions and hearings on the Plan Change, Porirua City Council made its decision on Plan Change 1 on 27 August 2003.

This decision was notified on 16 September 2003, and an appeal was received from Vector Limited.

On 25 May 2006, having considered the appeal and papers on behalf of Council, the Environment Court ordered Council (RMA 0792/03) to amend Plan Change 1 to the Porirua City District Plan in accordance with the decision issued by the Court.

Consequently Council resolved at its meeting on 20 September 2006 to approve Plan Change 1 and determined that it would become operative on 18 October 2006.



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