Operative Plan Change 10 - Suburban Zone: Residential Infill Amenity Management and Miscellaneous Minor Amendments


Overview of Plan Change 10

Porirua City's current District Plan was prepared during the mid 1990's when infill housing made up a relatively minor component of residential development within the City. Changes in the structure of Porirua's community and the property market in the last decade have however resulted in an increase in the level of infill development within the city, particularly in communities such as Titahi Bay, Paremata, Plimmerton and Porirua East. As a result of these changes, and community concerns surrounding the nature and form of some infill developments, work was initiated in early 2008 to examine whether aspects of the District Plan could be amended to better manage residential and infill development.

At the same time, a review of resource consents for new residential developments highlighted that some provisions in the Plan appeared to be unnecessarily generating resource consents for a range of matters. Aspects of the District Plan also appeared to be out of step with District Plans in adjacent Territorial Authority areas.

Plan Change 10 was prepared as a result of this review of infill development and residential development resource consents.

The primary objectives of the plan change were:

  • to better manage amenity effects associated with residential and infill development; and
  • to reduce the number of unnecessary resource consents associated with subdivision development lodged with Council; and
  • to improve the alignment of some common Suburban Zone permitted activity standards with provisions used within other District Plans within the Wellington Region.

Plan Change 10 sought to promote better development outcomes for residential development within the City. The intent was to ensure that amenity effects from residential and infill development were better managed, and to ensure that the efficiency and effectiveness of the District Plans Suburban Zone provisions are improved. The opportunity was also taken through this plan change to amend the layout and numbering of some sections of the District Plan.

The plan change amends the operative District Plan by:

  • Amending Suburban Zone Objectives and Policies (C3) to describe issues arising from infill development;
  • Amending Objective C3.2 (in C3) updating recent population statistics for the City;
  • Amending methods of implementation and principal reasons for Policy C3.2.1 (in C3), to reflect the introduction of the new Outdoor Living Area control, limited discretionary activity status for certain bulk and location permitted activity standards, and the specific requirement for cumulative effects consideration;
  • Providing a new Permitted Activity Rule for three dwellings on a site, with two sharing a common party wall;
  • Amending the Limited Discretionary Height rule, including the introduction of new Matters of Discretion;
  • Providing new Limited Discretionary Rules, including new Matters of Discretion, for Yards, Height Recession Planes, Carparking in Front Yards and Outdoor Living Areas;
  • Amending the Site Coverage Permitted Activity Standard;
  • Amending the Height Recession Plane; and Yard Permitted Activity Standards;
  • Providing a new Outdoor Living Area Permitted Activity Standard;
  • Amending Part H Car Parking standard;
  • Amending definitions of boundary, site, site coverage and yard;
  • Providing new definitions for access legs, net site area, notional net site area and outdoor living area;
  • Amending the Controlled Activity Standards for Subdivision;
  • Amending the layout and numbering of Part D3 and Part H of the District Plan.

Statutory process

Plan Change 10, and its supporting assessment under section 32 of the Resource Management Act 1991 was approved for notification by Council on 29 September 2009.

Public submissions on Plan Change 10 closed on 20th November 2009. 14 submissions were received during this period.

Council prepared a summary of decisions requested by submitters, and sought further submissions on those submissions. No further submissions were received.

Council Officers prepared a report, which included recommendations on decisions requested and matters raised in submissions.

A hearing for Plan Change 10 – Suburban Zone: Residential Infill, Amenity Management, and Miscellaneous Minor Amendments was held on Wednesday 26 May 2010 and Thursday 27th May 2010.

The Council's Decision on Submissions and Further Submissions on Plan Change 10 was publicly notified on Saturday 16 October 2010. People who made submissions and/or further submissions had 30 working days to appeal the Council's decision to the Environment Court.

An appeal was received on Plan Change 10. That appeal was resolved in early 2011.

On 18 May 2011, Council resolved to approve Plan Change 10. An operative date was set for 1 July 2011.



For further information please contact the Environment and City Planning Team on phone (04) 237 5089 or email enquiries@pcc.govt.nz.