Operative Plan Change 14 - Aotea Block: Rezoning of Business Park Zone land to Suburban Zone


Plan Change 14 "Aotea Block- Rezoning of Business Park Zone land to Suburban Zone", sought to:

  • Rezone the existing Aotea Business Park Zone, introduced by Plan Change 2, as shown in Attachment 1, back to Suburban Zone;
  • Remove the existing Policy Overlays applying to the site for "Landscape Frontage" and the "Okowai Lagoon Limited Discretionary Area"; and
  • Enable potential medium density residential development within the site by applying a "Medium Density Residential Policy Overlay" to the site (which is currently applied to the suburban area presently surrounding the existing Business Park site).

The Plan Change was jointly developed by Porirua City Council and Carrus Corporation (the current owners of the site) with the objective of ensuring that the best and most appropriate use and development is made of the Aotea Block site.

In the time since Plan Change 2 –"Business Park Zone", was made operative, Carrus in pursuing the development of the Business Park, has identified through various geotechnical and engineering investigations that the use of this land for this purpose would potentially result in a range of undesirable and potentially unacceptable and unconsentable environmental effects.

Key issues facing the potential development of the site for Business Park purposes included: landscape impacts; earthworks management; erosion and sediment control; and, in the absence of a direct connection to the Porirua City Centre, potentially unacceptable economic and social impacts for the City.

Porirua City Council and Carrus Corporation considered a potential option of reducing the size and scale of the proposed Business Park area to mitigate these issues, however it was identified that this potential option, amongst other matters, would make the Business Park’s development economically unviable.

Council considered these matters at its meeting of 23 June 2010.

Council subsequently agreed tto rezone the Business Park Zone to Suburban Zone given:

  • The potential development limitations applying to the site;
  • Council’s interest in seeking to promote quality development and environmental outcomes for the site and its surrounding area; and
  • Council’s interest in seeking to promote development within the city that supported City Centre Revitalisation initiatives.

Council also identified that the rezoning would not be inconsistent with its development strategy documents for the Aotea Block (the Aotea Block development strategy 2000) and the City (the Porirua Development Framework 2009).

Porirua City Council has also assessed Plan Change 14 to be consistent with the purpose and principles of the Resource Management Act 1991, and with the current and proposed Greater Wellington Regional Policy Statements.

This plan change sought to rezone the Aotea Business Park Zone to Suburban Zone.

It is important to note that Plan Change 14 did not propose to change any of the objectives, policies, rules, or standards of the operative Porirua City District Plan’s existing suburban zone.

Statutory process

Proposed Plan Change 14 was publicly notified on Saturday 16th of October 2010 in the Kapi Mana and Dominion Post newspapers.

No submissions were received.

Council resolved at its meeting of 23 February 2011 to make Plan Change 14 operative. An operative date of 15 March 2011 was set, and this operative date was publicly notified in the Kapi-Mana News and Dominion Post newspapers.


Plan change as proposed:


For further information please contact the Environment and City Planning Team on phone (04) 237 5089 or email enquiries@pcc.govt.nz.