Private Plan Change 13 - Rezoning parts of Broken Hill Road



Private Plan Change 13 sought to rezone a portion of Part Lots 2 and 3 DP 421065 located off Broken Hill Road, from Rural to Industrial in the Porirua City District Plan and to remove the Landscape Protection Area Overlay from that area. The total area of land to be rezoned is approximately 5.1 hectares.


The proposed private plan change amended the district plan by:

  • Creating a new District Plan Map Grid and Legend for Plan C13, reflecting the area to both be rezoned from Rural to Industrial; and to have Landscape Protection Area Notation be removed.
  • Amend Planning Map A26 of the District Plan adopted through Plan Change 8 by identifying the area subject to Plan Change 13 removing the Landscape Protection Area from the area subject to the plan change.

Statutory Process

The private plan change request was approved for notification by Council on 24 March 2010. Council sought public submissions on the Plan Change. Submissions closed at 4.30 p.m. 16 June 2010.

Council produced a summary of decisions requested, and renotified the plan change for further submissions.

Closing date for receipt of further submissions was Tuesday 20 July 2010.

No further submissions were received.

The Hearing for Proposed Plan Change 13 was held on 25 August 2010.

The Council's Decision on Submissions and Further Submissions on Proposed Plan Change 13 was publicly notified on Saturday 11 December 2010.

No appeals were received on Private Plan Change 13, and at its meeting on 18 May 2011 the Council resolved to make the Plan Change operative on 26 May 2011. This operative date was publicly notified and a notice was sent to all submitters.


Request as lodged (all files in PDF format):



Some of these files contact maps, graphs and photos and are scanned from the hard copy.

Decision on Submissions:


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