Dog Control Policy and Reports

This page describes the Porirua City Council's Dog Control Policy and gives links to the Annual Reports.

On 10 August 2005, Council adopted a Dog Control Policy that took effect immediately.  Beginning in July 2010 Council commenced it's first review of the Dog Control Policy as required by the Dog Control Act.  Following the Special Consultative Procedure and a Hearing of submissions Council adopted the reviewed Policy at its meeting on the 18th of May 2011.

The Policy clarifies Council’s fee, discount and charging structure in relation to ‘specified owners’ and ‘working dogs’, formally aligns Dog Control functions with amendments to the Dog Control Act and Local Government Act and; promotes transparency and consistency through the ongoing development of rigorous operational procedures.  The Policy contains intent to reduce the number of unregistered dogs in the City by encouraging or requiring registration through the potential development of targeting programmes.   

The Dog Control Policy is available for viewing at Council Offices (Corner Hagley St and Cobham Court) or from the link below.

Reports on the Administration of Dog Control Policy and Practices

These reports, adopted annually by Council, contains statistics and other information on how Council is performing its functions under the Dog Control Act 1996 and Dog Control Policy 2005.

You can view the report at Council Offices, corner of Hagley St and Cobham Court, or download and print from the links below.

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