Duck Creek Stormwater Modelling Report

This page describes the original report produced by Beca Carter Hollings and Ferner at the request of Porirua City Council for Duck Creek Stormwater Modelling. It also includes the updated version 2009 report and methodology carried out by AWT included in the flows is the lastest MoE projections on climate change to the end of the 21st Century.

The report details cross sections and inundation areas of Duck Creek as it traverses the former Duck Creek Golf Course. The one year average return interval (ARI), the mean annual flood (MAF), the 10 year flood, and the 50 year flood and the 100 year flood have all been modelled. An explanation of each of these terms is included in the report.

Three scenarios have been modelled for each of the above events:

a) the catchment as it currently stands;

b) the catchment at its theoretical full development under the current District Plan;

and c) full urbanisation of the entire Duck Creek catchment (including the current rural zoned portion of the catchment).

Maps have been produced for the first two scenarios and are included in the report. The former golf course is the area of the Duck Creek catchment most likely to face development pressure in the near future.

Reasons for Report

Council commissioned this work for four main reasons:

1. To assist in determining whether esplanade reserves can or cannot be taken under the provisions of the Resource Management Act 1991.

2. The Pauatahanui Inlet Restoration Plan Stage II is currently under development (as part of Council’s and Greater Wellington’s (the Regional Council’s) ongoing restoration programme) and the study assists Council with its understanding of restoration opportunities.

3. Duck Creek is known to flood in high rainfall events, however prior to this study there was no Council study of the extent of inundation associated with flooding. Independent data needed to be collected and a model developed against which any future applications for resource consent could be assessed or peer reviewed and informed decisions made.

4. Duck Creek is listed in Council’s walkways strategy. A walkway the length of Duck Creek is a strategically desirable recreation asset. As such Council needs an understanding of what reserves might be taken should future subdivision consent applications be successful.

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