Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan

This page describes the Porirua City Council’s economic development strategies and action plans that have been developed in response to the city's changing economic climate and business environment.

These strategies and action plans are simply about delivering the best economic outcome for Porirua residents. The economic development strategy is one of many tools that Council uses to provide leadership in implementing economic development initiatives. It provides opportunities for Council to work collaboratively with business and community and other interested partners to achieve the desired economic development outcomes for the city.

The Latest Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan 2009-19

Cover - Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan. This latest Economic Development Strategy and Action plan has been developed as part of the Council's adoption of the 10 year plan, the review of its services and costs and in response to the negative impact global financial crisis. The Porirua Chamber of Commerce's and Advocacy Team has worked with Porirua City Council on a number of initiatives including advising and assisting with the review and drafting of the Strategy. Council is grateful to the Chamber and its Advocacy Team for their ongoing support and advice on the local economic and business development issues.

This updated Strategy acknowledges that the previous strategies are heading in the right direction but also acknowledges more focus and alignment are required to better achieve the outcomes.

As part of the public consultation of the 2010/11 Draft Annual Plan Council received very positive feedback in support of the Strategy and Action Plan including having a dedicated economic development group within Council to prioritise and focus on implementing the agreed action plan.  The Strategy and Action Plan was adopted by Council on 23 June 2010. 

The Strategy and Action Plan, and working paper in support of the development of the Strategy can be viewed by checking the links below.

Economic Development Strategy 2006-16

Cover: Economic Development Strategy.

This Economic Development Strategy was developed in 2006 with input from businesses and community groups in response to the development of the Wellington Regional Strategy and the changing structure and delivery of the Regional Economic Development Agency - Positively Wellington Business (now known as Grow Wellington). Following public consultation with the 2006-16 Long Term Plan, the Strategy was adopted by Council in early 2007.

The Strategy had four focus areas for the city. They are: 1. Business Environment, 2. Business Investment, 3. City Promotion, and 4. Workforce Development.

The strategy includes an Action Plan that builds on the city’s unique strengths. The action plan was developed to primarily create an environment to attracts investment and broadens Porirua City’s economic base. 

Economic Development Strategy 2001

’Economic Development Strategy Cover’

The first Economic Development Strategy was adopted by Council in October 2001.

This strategy is one of the action plans for achieving the strategic goals set out in the Porirua City Strategic Plan 2000-2010.

It has three themes, which aim towards realising economic development. They are to 'get the basics right for business', 'create market opportunities' and 'achieve a vibrant city'. New investment and growth in current businesses in Porirua City have beneficial impacts on economic growth, employment, living standards and the overall well-being of the city.

The overall strategy provided the main framework for the efforts of the Council, businesses and the community to drive economic development in Porirua City.

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