Long Term Plan 2004-14

Cover - Long Term Plan 2004-14. This page gives background information and documents on the Council's first Long Term Council Community Plan.  Council prepared its first Long Term Council Community Plan for 2004-14.  This built on the work done in the Strategic Plan

Newspaper Updates

A regular fortnightly update entitled “Building Our Future” was run in the Kapi-Mana Newspaper, starting from 9 September 2003.

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Consultation and Communication

Council reviewed the consultation processes that were carried out by Council and other agencies in Porirua prior to preparation of the 2004-14 Long Term Plan.  The themes that came through in this review were recorded in the "Consultation Summary" (94KB pdf) which was developed to inform the community outcomes in the 2004-14 Long Term Plan (4.48MB pdf).

As Council developed the 2004-14 LTCCP, it consulted with various communities in the City over specific issues as well as continuing to communicate information about how the process is progress. Council staff developed a paper for Council’s Strategy Committee which outlined the proposed method of engaging with the community as a whole.

Community Briefing October 2003

Council held a meeting with a wide range of organisations from around the City to talk about community outcomes. The pdf documents below, which were available at the meeting, provide some useful summary information about what the LTCCP is, what the Community Outcomes are, and how the community was involved.

Planning Assumptions

Because the 2004-14 plan was about Council's role in the future of this City, it was important that we considered what the future may look like. Council developed a draft set of Planning Assumptions that outlined what changes may occur in the City over the next ten years. These planning assumptions provided a context for Council to carry out its planning.

2004-14 LTCCP framework overview

The diagram below gives an overview of the basic structure for Council's 2004-14 long term plan. This framework may change as Council’s planning develops but gives a good summary of what a LTCCP involves.