Long Term Council Community Plan 2006-16

This page describes the previous (2006-16) Long Term Council Community Plan adopted on 26 July 2006.

Cover Long Term Plan 2006-16.

Council adopted its previous Long Term Plan on 26 July 2006. We have completed the third (and final) year of working under this plan – finishing with the Annual Report for 01 July 2008 – 30 June 2009.

Media Releases

* 13 July 2006 - Council Approves 10-year Plan (25Kb pdf)

* 27 July 2006 - Long Term Plan adopted (23KB pdf)

Submissions to 2006-16 Long Term Plan

Submissions to the Draft LTCCP and the Draft Waste Management Plan were open from 18 May to 19 June 2006. A total of 618 submissions were received, addressing approximately 111 separate issues (9 of these referred to the Draft Waste Management Plan). Councillors were very impressed by the amount of analysis and constructive inputs made by the submitters; and by the diversity of individuals / groups making submissions.

Council met in mid July 2006 to deliberate the issues raised by submitters and where appropriate changes have been made to the plan and corresponding budgets in the LTCCP.

The Waste Management Plan was adopted on 11 July 2006.


Features of the plan include:

  • The decision to proceed with the Sports and Events Centre as a major asset to the City and future generations.
  • The increase in funding for Community (Village) Development work. Following feedback from you, Council decided to add an extra $3 million for years 4-10 of the Plan - bringing the total funding to $6 million over the 10 years, and
  • A strong focus on resourcing the City’s infrastructure and asset planning; to ensure core services; (such as roading, stormwater and sewage disposal and water supply) continue to be delivered efficiently.

If you want to see how Council responded to submissions this is summarised in Part 2 of the plan.

2006-16 Long Term Plan Document

Note: These links are to the various sections of the LTCCP published document. Cover pages and blank pages have been removed, and the files have been broken up to reduce file size. All files are in pdf format.

Audit Disclaimer (14Kb pdf)

Introduction (648KB pdf, 18 pages)

  • The Mayor Says
  • Chief Executive's Introduction
  • Council Responses to Submissions
  • Report from the Auditors

Part 1 (239KB pdf, 19 pages)

  • City Vision and Community Outcomes

Part 2 (3.4MB pdf, 112 pages)

  • Council's Strategic Response
  • Council Activities

Part 3 (717KB pdf, 29 pages)

  • Financial Management
  • Forecast Financial Statements

Part 4 (731KB pdf, 79 pages)

  • Introduction to Policies
  • Additional Information

Appendices (383KB pdf, 7 pages)

  • Introduction to Council
  • Introduction to Council Management

Porirua Sports and Events Centre

This section provides documents associated with the original proposal for the Porirua Sports and Events Centre (since given the name of Te Rauparaha Arena). The proposal was approved as part of the 2006-16 Long Term Plan.

Visit the Te Rauparaha Arena website.

Key Council reports:

Maps and Plans

Consultant Reports