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This image shows an aerial view of northern Porirua.

On this page you will find information about the Northern Growth Area Structure Plan project - a land-use planning exercise to develop a 30-year strategy for future growth in Porirua's northern suburbs.

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The purpose of the structure plan

The Northern Growth Area Structure Plan was adopted by Porirua City Council in December 2014 as a strategy for guiding future long-term urban growth between Camborne and Pukerua Bay.

The structure plan sets out a scenario for future urban development in this area over a 30-year+ period considering the following aspects:

  • providing for a range of housing and building options to meet demand from a growing population;
  • the opportunity to more-efficiently utilise existing transportation infrastructure including commuter rail services within proximity to the structure plan area;
  • planning and funding essential infrastructure and community facilities (including schools and other community services) needed for this;
  • protecting important natural environmental values including important landscapes and natural features (including Taupo Swamp Wetland and the Porirua Harbour), heritage, and biodiversity;
  • feedback from affected landowners, various stakeholder agencies, and the wider community about all of the above.

Viewing the structure plan

Details of the Northern Growth Area Structure Plan and the accompanying technical report may be inspected at:

  • Porirua City Council, Administration Building, Cobham Court, Porirua City.
  • Porirua Library, corner Norrie and Parumoana Streets, Porirua.
  • All Suburban libraries within the Porirua City administrative area.
  • From the document download section below.

Background information on the structure plan project can be found as is also downloadable documents below.

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Development scenario in the structure plan

A broad scenario for future development of the area is identified in the Structure Plan. This will require changes to the land use and subdivision provisions of the Porirua City District Plan. Most of the land use changes will require the Transmission Gully Motorway to be operative before they can be given effect to.

The key proposals are noted on the image map below:

A - Pukerua Bay West Development Area
B - New Village Development Area
C - Camborne North Development Area
D - Rural Residential Areas
E - Open Spaces Areas
F - Rural Deferred Development Areas

This map shows the key land uses of the Northern Growth Area Structure Plan labelled A to F.
This map shows the key land uses of the Northern Growth Area Structure Plan labelled A to F.


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Implementing the structure plan

Some work is needed to implement the Structure Plan and this is identified in the ‘Implementation’ section of the summary document. This work includes changes to the Porirua City District Plan that are needed to give effect to the Structure Plan. This will commence in 2015 with a preparation of a change to the Porirua City District Plan to introduce new provisions for regulating future urban and rural-residential development within the area covered by the Structure Plan. Information on these aspects will be available in due course.

Any enquiries concerning this can be directed to Peter Matich at Porirua City Council, phone (04) 237 1498. Email:


The Council’s basis for this project is outlined in the 2009 Porirua Development Framework which identifies the area as a future urban growth area. It also identified the need to prepare a Structure Plan to guide long-term future development in the area.

The main considerations driving the project are:


Growth Path

  • The Council has scheduled the area as Porirua’s long-term future urban growth path.
  • Subdivision and development in the area is expected to intensify over time.

Simulation of new village development area east of State Highway 1.
Simulation of new village development area east of State Highway 1.

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  • The area’s sensitive environment needs careful management.
  • Natural hazard constraints need to be considered.

Simulation of future rural-residential area north of Pauatahanui Inlet.
Simulation of future rural-residential area north of Pauatahanui Inlet.

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Roading and transport

  • The impending development of Transmission Gully Highway presents an opportunity to explore future development opportunities alongside the existing State Highway 1 corridor.
  • The existing ‘State Highway’ status of the road between Camborne and Plimmerton is expected to be revoked after Transmission Gully Motorway commences operation. At that time responsibility for this road would be handed over to the local authority, making it easier for developers to seek land development rights in this area. This eventuality needs to be planned for.
  • The existing rail corridor provides an opportunity to consider long term urban expansion in conjunction with Wellington’s commuter rail service.

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Community Feedback

Feedback from community workshops in April and July 2014 was that:

  • A mix of housing opportunities should be considered – greenfield, intensification, housing for the elderly, rural-residential clusters and ‘eco-housing’ (e.g. solar access and ‘off-grid’ servicing);
  • Environment needs careful management with reduction in sediment/pollutants entering Pauatahanui Inlet and Harbour, and an increase in biodiversity within ecological corridors, on-site stormwater management, sensitive earthworks;
  • Recreational facilities need enhancing with integrated walking and cycling networks;
  • A range of transportation issues need addressing including changes to existing State Highway, improved access to public transport (rail and bus) and parking at railway stations, and impacts of increased traffic on local roads, walking/cycling network safe for different road users (vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians);
  • Infrastructure and essential services need to provide for future needs of residents with costs borne by those who benefit from the new/upgraded infrastructure/services;
  • Character and amenity of existing areas should be retained and new areas should develop a "village feel";
  • Support for a new primary school;
  • Support small shops at new local village centre;
  • Need a social/community space in new village centre and areas of open space – active (sports field), local (neighbourhood parks) and passive (gully reserves).

This feedback was used to prepare the structure plan.

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Downloadable documents

The following links enable downloads of documents produced by Porirua City Council issued in conjunction with the Northern Growth Area Structure Plan Project.

Background documents

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Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding the Structure Plan process please call us on phone (04) 237 5089.

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