Porirua City Centre Residential Incentives Policy


The purpose of the policy is to waive and reduce Council levies and fees for new residential units in the city centre. Council is actively seeking to revitalise the city centre by attracting new business and development, improving the district plan rules and undertaking capital works such as the Cobham Court upgrade to improve the physical environment. The policy waives and reduces development and rating costs for residential units with the aim of bringing people into the city centre to live, thereby increasing its vitality and supporting business growth.

What type of development is eligible?

New build developments or building conversions are eligible for the benefits of the policy subject to the following criteria:

  • Must be within the City Centre Zone as defined in the District Plan (see map below)
  • Must include a minimum of two residential units
  • Each residential unit must have a minimum gross floor area of 40m².

Council has discretion to waive the requirement for the 40m² minimum floor area subject to being satisfied that the development will positively contribute to the attractiveness of the city centre as a live and work destination. This discretion is exercised by the Chief Executive.

What exactly are the incentives?

  • Development contributions are waived
  • Council’s resource consent processing fees are waived
  • Council’s building consent processing fees are discounted by 50%
  • Rates are waived for a period of five years from the time of uplifting a code compliance certificate

In the case of mixed-use developments the waivers and discounts apply only to the residential component of the development.

Further requirements

  • To be eligible for the incentives developments are required to meet basic quality and amenity standards for residents. These are:
  • All units are required to meet noise insulation requirements (see below: these are the same requirements as currently applied in the Wellington Central Business District)
  • Units must not be located on ground level on high-profile street frontages in central parts of the city centre.  High profile Street Frontages include the following:
    • Hartham Place South,
    • Hartham Place North,
    • Hagley Street (east side only),
    • Cobham Court,
    • Lydney Place (North and South),
    • Serlby Place,
    • Kilkerran Place,
    • Lyttelton Ave (west side between Lydney Place North and Lydney Place South)
    • Norrie Street
    • Parumoana Street (between Norrie Street and Semple Street)

View Porirua City Centre Map (473KB 1 page pdf)

When did the policy come into effect?

The policy is linked to the 2015-25 Long-term Plan and came into effect on 1 July 2015. It will be reviewed annually but is proposed to last until 30 June 2018 at which time it will be fully reviewed as part of deliberations on the 2018-28 Long-term Plan. Council may choose to extend the policy at this time.

Noise Insulation Requirements

Under this policy there is a requirement for residential units to be noise insulated to a level such that outdoor noise (such as from road traffic) will be reduced by 30 decibels. Units also need to be mechanically ventilated to allow ventilating windows to remain closed against the noise.

Any habitable room in a residential unit under this policy must be protected from noise outside the building by ensuring the external sound insulation level achieves the following minimum performance standard:

DnT,w + Ctr > 30 dB

Compliance with this performance standard shall be achieved by ensuring habitable rooms are designed and constructed in a manner that accords with an acoustic design certificate signed by a suitably qualified acoustic engineer stating the design will achieve compliance with the standard.

DnT,w + Ctr > 30 dB is defined within ISO717 Part 1: 2013 - Acoustics - Rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements - Part 1: Airborne sound insulation.

Where bedrooms with openable windows are proposed, a positive supplementary source of fresh air ducted from outside is required at the time of fit-out. For the purposes of this requirement, a bedroom is any room intended to be used for sleeping. The supplementary source of air is to achieve a minimum of 7.5 litres per second per person.


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