30 years on … Porirua Development Framework August 2009

This page describes the Porirua Development Framework published in August 2009.

cover - Porirua Development Framework.

The Porirua Development Framework is a guiding document that is intended to influence how and where the city will physically develop over time. The Framework provides a "picture of what the city may eventually look like – areas where people may live, work and play, It is also intended to guide change within the city founded on principles of sustainable development.

The Framework is what we are planning for. The Framework reinforces the vision that has been identified by the community for the city, The Framework also clearly explains the Principles on which it has been based. It also defines the key Objectives that will be achieved, once implemented.

The Framework Map has been developed by assessing future population pressure and change, related housing needs, reviewing topography, existing infrastructure constraints, the environment and Porirua City's potential place and role within the wider Wellington Regional Community.

cover - Porirua Development Framework - Detailed Action Plan.

The partner document, the Porirua Development Framework Detailed Action Plan, specifies a set of projected actions required to implement the Development Framework. This document will be updated as required, over the lifetime of the Framework.

Where can you find the document?

The Porirua Development Framework August 2009 and Detailed Action Plan August 2009 can be downloaded from the links below: