Annual Residents Survey

This page provides information about the annual survey of residents’ satisfaction with a wide range of Council services.

About the Annual Porirua Residents Satisfaction Survey

Every year the Council commissions a survey of Porirua residents to find out what people think about Council's performance, services and facilities.
Residents are randomly selected across the city's three wards, making sure there is a proper balance of age, gender and ethnic proportions (based on the census). The person selected for interviewing in each household was the person aged 18 and older who had the next birthday.
In 2014, the Council engaged independent research company Key Research to conduct the survey. Key Research does similar surveys for other local authorities. This allows a comparison of results with peer groups of similar councils.

What happens with the survey results?

The Annual Residents’ Satisfaction Survey provides information to assist the Council with priority-setting for Long Term Planning and Annual Planning, as well as performance monitoring via Annual Reporting.
Council's Annual Surveys for the last seven years are available from the links below.

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