City Profile 2006

This page describes the City Profile 2006 and gives links to view the document.

City Profile is a statistical snapshot of Porirua

The City Profile is a statistical snapshot of Porirua and its residents from Statistics New Zealand’s Census of Population and Dwellings, which provides demographic, economic and social indicators.  The Profile is an important part of the City's overall data monitoring strategy and will be produced every five years post-Census.

The City Profile is:

  • a useful comparison of three census periods (1996, 2001, 2006), and City/ Wellington Region/ New Zealand data
  • packed with data by age, ethnicity, gender, income and covers information including educational qualification, place of residence, birth place, religion, family types, household composition, employment, unpaid work, access to communications and vehicles
  • a great resource for the community and organisations with an interest in Porirua working with their communities of interest, as it presents data by ward and further to census area unit
  • useful for funding applications, organisational and city promotion, strategy and policy development and analysis, helping to understand community opportunities and challenges.

Future Demographic Trends of Porirua City

As part of the development of the Long Term Plan Council is required to take a long-term view planning including growth and demand planning assumptions and demographic data.  Future demographic trend data for Porirua City remains based on Statistics New Zealand’s Census 2006 results and is included in the relevant long term plan document.

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