Porirua Transportation Strategy

The Porirua Transportation Strategy is a twenty-year vision for Porirua City’s transport system that supports the other goals in Council’s Strategic Plan. The Strategy is required to ensure integrated transport development and to make certain that the transport network provides for the future needs of the city. The Porirua Transportation Strategy will inform the Long Term Plan and Annual Plan processes and is required to support funding applications to Central Government.

The Strategy is predicated on the construction of the Transmission Gully (TG) project, consistent with the Western Corridor Plan, the Regional Land Transport Strategy and the policy position of the Council itself. Accordingly, central to the strategy are the provision of local link roads to connect to Transmission Gully, along with measures, which address the resulting redistribution of traffic.

The Strategy promotes transport infrastructure projects, considerate of current and future user demand, with good land use practices, car parking management techniques, and traffic and speed management. Such activities will encourage better road safety, and travel mode choices for the residents of Porirua.