Safer Porirua

This page describes the re-accreditation of Porirua as an international safe community and provides a link to the 2014 application document.

Porirua City first achieved international recognition as a safe city in September 2008 when it was designated an International Safe Community putting it in the company of Calgary in Canada, Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Melbourne in Australia. Accreditation has to be sought every five years and in April 2014, Porirua successfully achieved re-accreditation.  

The safe community designation is recognition that Porirua has made a commitment as a community to work together to resolve the safety issues it has with regards to Injury Prevention, Crime Prevention, Emergency Management and Road Safety.

To mark this achievement, an official ceremony was held at Pataka in May 2014 where the Mayor and representatives from the eleven agencies, who are part of the Safer Porirua Strategic Group, and Tania Peters, Director of Safe Communities Foundation of New Zealand, signed the re-accreditation certificate.

The eleven community agencies involved are Porirua City Council, Housing New Zealand Corporation, Kapiti-Mana Area Police, Regional Public Health, Accident Compensation Corporation,  Porirua Healthy Safer City Trust, Porirua Chamber of Commerce, Water Safety NZ, Capital and Coast DHB and Porirua Fire Service and Maraeroa Health Clinic. They have been working together for the last five years to ensure that Porirua met the Safe Communities Foundation's strict criteria. 

To achieve re-accreditation we had to demonstrate that Porirua City had:

  • An infrastructure based on partnerships and collaborations, governed by a cross-sectoral group responsible for safety promotion in the community
  • Proven long-term sustainable programmes for injury and crime prevention;
  • Projects targeting high-risk groups and environments;
  • Comprehensive and reliable data collection systems;
  • Good monitoring and evaluation
  • Participation in national and international Safe Communities' networks

Porirua City's application used a number of case studies to highlight successes, including  City safety projects have also included tackling graffiti vandalism, improving pedestrian lighting, promoting safe city design and street makeovers.

Dr Carolyn Coggan was one of twelve national and international experts and observers who visited Porirua City to assess what they called an "outstanding" application. They were impressed by the commitment of the community organisations and agencies who worked together and their agreement to produce an Annual Action Plan. It was an excellent model for other communities to consider, she said in her report.

The Safer Porirua Strategic Group began a process of reviewing its documentation as well as its aims and objectives during 2010. The Group produced the Porirua City Community Safety Strategy 2011-2021, which focusses on four key priority: Injury Prevention, Crime Prevention, Road Safety and Emergency Management. Using Result Based Accountability,each priority will have a Result Card that covers the following:
  • Result/outcomes desired
  • Target population
  • Indicators of success we have chosen
  • What the baseline data tells us and the story behind that data
  • Who we will work will
  • What we intend to do and how we will work together

The outcomes from these Result Cards will be monitored regularly and the Result Cards updated according to the changing priorities and needs of our community.

The Safer Porirua Strategic Group continues to meet monthly - one of its aims is to continuously improve and monitor the Result Cards. Safer Porirua is also obliged to report on its progress on an annual basis to the Safe Communities Foundation NZ which monitors the overall progress of safe communities in New Zealand.

Porirua City Council continues to make a commitment to work collaboratively with government, non-government agencies and wider community to continuously improve ways of working as well as focus on safety issues affecting its community.  

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