Strategic Plan Monitoring Report

This page describes the Strategic Plan Monitoring Report, developed to monitor the city’s progress towards the strategic goals identified in the Strategic Plan.

This report has two functions; to report against the Strategic Plan 2000 – 2010 as much as is practicable, and to begin looking at how we might monitor community outcomes in the future, as required under the Local Government Act 2002.

The information contained in this report combines useful graphs and tables by which to track measurable data, and a commentary on any progress made towards achieving the action plans set out in the Strategic Plan. The data and commentary aim to indicate where progress is being made in achieving the community outcomes identified in the Strategic Plan.

Go to Strategic Plan Monitoring Report (188KB pdf)

Since the Strategic Plan was published requirements under the LGA mean that Council must engage with the community to determine community outcomes and how progress towards achieving those outcomes will be monitor. This will involve talking with other groups and agencies about the monitors used, and may involve a collaborative monitoring process that also engages government and non-government agencies.  Council must report to the community every three years on the progress being made towards achieving the community outcomes.

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