Titahi Bay Beach Reserves Management Plan

cover - Titahi Bay Beach Management Plan. This page describes the Titahi Bay Beach Reserves Management Plan.

Plan guides Council's decision-making

The Titahi Bay Beach Reserves Management Plan has been completed and is now available in its final operative format. The plan has involved extensive ongoing consultation and assistance from local residents, local interest and community groups and other organisations such as the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

The plan will guide Council's decision-making and day–to-day management of the beach management area. It will also guide the future development of the beach and environs.

Six principal actions

Six principal actions have arisen from the plan. These principal actions are to:

  1. Seek to agree a Memorandum of Understanding (or similar) with Greater Wellington over regulatory management of Titahi Bay Beach.
  2. Work to ensure that, where possible all land subject to the Plan is held under the Reserves Act 1977; and that land status changes will not make building/planning restrictions for beachfront properties more permissive.
  3. Work with residents to develop a landscape concept plan that will also guide upgrade/development of facilities (over the life of the plan).
  4. Work with experts, Greater Wellington, residents and interest groups to develop a natural systems action plan to consider management of dunes, vegetation, pollution and erosion.
  5. Proceed with bylaw controls for management of Titahi Bay Beach (including vehicle use) above Mean High Water Springs.
  6. Ensure clear signage is provided to residents and visitors about who to contact when there are concerns over use of the beach.

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