Parumoana Spheres

This page describes the Parumoana Spheres located in Parumoana Street, Porirua.

Close up of one of the Parumoana Spheres.

Eye-catching spheres installed in Parumoana Street offer an insight into Porirua’s colonial past.

Ten stainless steel spheres – each measuring about 550 mm in diameter – mark the city’s old shoreline where colonial settlers might have gained their first views of Porirua Harbour.

The spheres are visible to motorists as they drive into the City Centre over the northern bridge from the motorway on the southwest corner of the Parumoana Street roundabout – near the Ballantynes store.

Each sphere has a short line of text wrapped around it which quotes the impressions of early visitors to Porirua.

The texts provide an insight into the authors and how they responded to the landscape before them. Amongst them are quotes from explorers, new settlers comparing it to their homeland, visionaries seeing the future and soldiers forced to be here and miserable about it.

The last word is left to Porirua’s son, the late author Michael King, who recounts the Porirua landscape of his youth.

The spheres are part of the Parumoana streetscape upgrade aimed at improving the Parumoana entrance into Porirua and creating a city environment more conductive to people getting out of their cars and walking around Porirua.

The upgrade has involved new gardens, replacement of old cracked concrete, new seating, a sundial and upgrading of the retaining wall by the MegaCentre.

The spheres have been filled with a special low weight concrete to reduce their collision impact. Porirua’s Trash Palace carried out research and developed a concrete that was only 35% the weight of normal concrete. This used recycled materials such as polystyrene and waste plastic chips mixed in with the concrete.

The spheres are under-lit by energy-efficient, New Zealand made in-ground lights that utilise Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology. Each light has 36 LEDs that only consume 5 watts per fitting.

Photo of the Parumoana Spheres by day.


Photo of the Parumoana Spheres at night.

Parumoana Spheres by day and at night