Porirua Civic Awards

The Porirua Civic Awards are an annual event to recognise Porirua citizens for their outstanding voluntary service to the community.


Te Taku Parai
Liz Harley
Graham Kelly
Esther McKendrick
Le'autuli'ilagi Taotua M.F.Sauvao

Civic Award and Mayoral Recognition Recipients 2016.
Civic Award and Mayoral Certificate of Recognition Award recipients
Back row from left: the parents of Tristan Will, Phil O’Connell, Margaret Smith, John Rowe’s daughter, Taku Parai, Mayor Nick Leggett
From row from left: Pania Houkamau-Ngaheu, Le’autuli’ilagi Sauvao, Mazina Jalal, Esther McKendrick, Graham Kelly, Jenny Lester

Recipients absent from group photo: Phil Roache, Barbara Edmonds, Liz Harley, Rosemary Patterson

Please refer to the Porirua50 Awards which took the place of Civic Awards for 2015.

Mary Casey
Ted Gallen
Pat McCalman
Judy McKoy

Rihia Kenny
Professor John Wells
Dave Wilson
Christine Stanley

Poppy Daymond
Ann Mills
Juliet Bellingham
June and Neil Penman

Robert Brace
Tony Jackman
Moana Tuariki
Helen Chipper

Sandra Andrews
Te Huri Arthur

John Watson
Jay Marson
Margaret Armour
Tom Daniels

Fuimaono Epirosa Setefono
Kahuwaero Katene
Adalina (Freda) Tohill

Pip Piper
Russell Morrison
Tiketi Auega

Mrs Elizabeth Lee-Lo-Smith
Dr Margaret Lockhart Bailey
Mrs Lynne Renouf
Lemoli Wally Ranfurly

James Harland
Barbara Bundy

Bob Cater
Minnie Kuiti
Cynthia Petersen
John Leighton

Vivien Morton
Avalon Mikaere-Williams
John Garner
Narendra Sahay

Dr Margaret Guthrie
Dennis Ormsby
Utanga Wineera
Rev Sylvia Jenkins
Fa’alelei Te’o

Ivy Stuart
Dr Allan Nichols
Janet Margaret Berry
Jan Nixon
Selwyn Tattersall
Helen Smith
Alison Wong
Lindsay Forbes
Robert Batten
Tui McLauchlan

Michael Graham
Taukiri Wahine Thomason
John Wilce
Veronica Allum
Ivan Hardgrave

George McNeillage
Antony England
Janet Gibbons
Kath Cherrie

Alfred Potaka
Margaret Joyce Henderson
Margaret Campbell Johnson

Beryl Brown
Eric Fowke
Thelma Margaret Stevens
Murray Woodley

Margaret Hughes
Angus Langbein
Helen Mary Painter

Lorraine Jean Williams
Sarah Renata Smith
Alfred Edward Mexted
Kathleen Mabel Mexted

Eileen Adams
John (Jack) Collins
Don Smith
Nui Sila Taupe

Ken Arthur
Gordon Lee
Zelda Clarke
Jean Statford
Jack Underhill

History of Creation of Civic Awards

Civic awards had been reported to Council Committees on two previous occasions before any progress was made.

The first report was presented in 1981 outlined the purpose of the awards and detailed the award system operated by the former Lower Hutt City Council. This report was received by the Finance, Policy and Staff Committee and referred to the Community Development and Cultural Committee.

The second report presented in 1988 recommended that a community service award system be established, along similar lines as the Lower Hutt City Council. This report was adopted by the Community Development and Cultural Committee. The matter however did not progress any further.

On 10 February 1992 a further paper was presented to the Resources Committee, which suggested, that the implementation of a Civic Award system by Council was appropriate, as it would allow Council to recognise outstanding voluntary service to the community. This was worked on by a small sub-committee and finally accepted by Council on 13 May 1992, to commence in 1993.
In 2000 it was decided to add a Mayoral Certificate of Recognition to recognise citizens who fall outside the scope of Civic Awards.