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This page provides an introduction to the Porirua City Partners, our current partners and projects in place at present.

What is the City Partnership Programme?

The Porirua City Partner Programme launched in 2009 forming an important part of the funding strategy for the Te Rauparaha Arena project. The programme is an innovative way of introducing businesses, local and national, to contribute to the development of the City in the arts, environment and education areas. In turn the businesses receive recognition and benefits which may vary depending on the project, the value of the contribution and the partner's funding strategy.

Partnerships comprise product, services or cash. Council allocates their component to significant and relevant projects in the City's Long Term Plan. Partners enjoy the fact that they are part of our community development building Porirua's future and creating an exciting innovative place to live.

Partners enjoy three different partnership levels and most partnerships are between 3 and 5 years:

Porirua City Partner - Kauri.

Porirua City Partner - Totara.

Porirua City Partner - Rimu.

Kauri: $250,000 and over

Totara: $150,000 - $250,000

Rimu: $50,000 to $150,000

What are the Partner Benefits?

  • Grow team morale by choosing projects of interest to you and your staff in the arts, environment or education sector
  • Enjoy the success of being more involved in a vibrant community that takes pride in it's people; young and old
  • Grow company pride by being involved in exciting projects that staff and the community are enthusiastic and passionate
  • Involve staff in projects of personal interest growing your company's culture
  • Connecting with the community at a grassroots level
  • A stronger relationship with Council
  • Public acknowledgement with the project they support
  • Acknowledgement in project documentation, Porirua City Partners Programme website page, Porirua City Partners Programme Kapi-Mana News page, exclusive ticket opportunities to events at Te Rauparaha Arena

It's important to note Partners do not get preferential treatment in the management of tenders and other business transactions proposed by Council.

Monies and partnerships do not compete with community group funding.

What is the Porirua Foundation?

The Porirua Foundation is a charitable trust which has several functions:

  • Manages bequeaths and individual endowments
  • Operates as an independent trust for receiving and distributing all monies on behalf of the Porirua Partners Programme for Council projects.

Trustees comprise a range of local and successful philanthropists and business people. The Trust manages all monies and then allocates funds to the Partner's Programme who allocates it to the appropriate project.

It's an exciting innovation for the community as individuals can also set up a bequest or regular annual payment, name their trust and decide where they want their money to go. Live giving is rapidly growing in New Zealand as families realise they can enjoy the growth and evolvement their money has in their chosen area. Family and group trusts can either enjoy acknowledgement or remain anonymous.

For more information go to www.poriruafoundation.org.nz

How does the funding process work?

The funding process includes three different bodies – Porirua City Partner Programme, Porirua Foundation and Porirua City Council.

All projects fall in line with Council's Long Term Plan and are prioritised by Council. Partnerships can be initiated by several areas associated with Council. The Porirua City Partner's Programme oversees and manages the benefit and contractual arrangements of each Partner. The Porirua Foundation is the independent body who manages all cash contributions that make up each agreement.

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