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This page outlines the purpose of the Porirua Foundation and its two main forms of revenue generation.

The Porirua Foundation is a registered charity which supports community initiatives and projects.  It has been the community funding vehicle for Pataka, The Aquatic Centre, and the Te Rauparaha Arena.


Fundraising is a key focus for the Porirua Foundation.

For significant projects the Porirua Foundation (representing Community interests), the Council and the Porirua City Partners Programme work together to raise funds. A new fund was established for Porirua Youth Grants and in October 2010 and 2011 a total of $20,000 has so far been distributed to local youth at Awards Ceremonies held in Pataka.

Bequests and Endowments

Another method of supporting community projects is through bequests and endowments.

One private bequest was received in 2010 and the longer term focus remains that of bequest generation as a key method of building community generosity.

If you wish to make a financial contribution to benefit the Porirua Community then Porirua Foundation is able to manage your fund, bring Charitable status to it and ensure that your project benefits cost effectively without you having to go through the task of setting up a separate organization. 

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